Richard Simas


Richard Simas [guest writer] is a freelance fiction and nonfiction writer living in Montréal. His texts have been published in literary and arts reviews in Canada and Europe, including commentary on dance, contemporary music and Azorean culture. 

Richard Simas' Work


Dance Scenes From the Interior

In process with Jeanne Renaud By Richard Simas

She whispers to a technician while shooting a sequence for her current dance-film project, Blanc Noir ou Rien, (White Black or Nothing) and steps lightly behind the camera dolly as it traces a wide circular path around performers Louise Bédard and Sylvain Émard.

Daniel Soulières

Figures of a Creative Life By Richard Simas

A collage of anecdotes and reflections reveals a portrait of Montréal dance artist, presenter and dance activist Daniel Soulières.