Rhodnie Désir


Rhodnie Désir is a Montréal based contemporary dance artist who articulates her craft through languages specifically created for each of her works and derived from the traditions of Haiti, Central and West Africa. She draws a connection between individual memories of the present and the collective memory of the past. In 2016, Désir launched an international choreographic project and documentary, which led her to the Francophone Cultural Programming of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Since then she has created two socially engaged works – Dusk Society (2017) and MWON’D (2017). Désir is the founder of the cultural mediation consulting company DÊZAM and has been a cultural radio columnist since 2014.

Rhodnie Désir's Work

Sarah Elola in her own work La Pileuse / Photo by Stacyann Lee

Decolonizing Dance Stages

Presenters talk about breaking barriers By Rhodnie Désir

This year in Canada, the conversation about diversity, inclusion and representation has been omnipresent. I’m profoundly happy that more presenters, curators and jurors have brought these words into their vocabulary. But I question what they’re really referring to. Do we all really feel and understand the urgency? More precisely, when asking, “What does the word diversity really mean?” the answers from the dance milieu are often incomplete, reflecting a lack of comprehension of the issues at stake.

Decolonizing Dance Curation

By Rhodnie Désir

Five presenters, curators and jury members discuss their strategies for inclusive representation and what they imagine for an ideal future in a pluralist dance milieu.