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Philip Szporer


Philip Szporer is a Montréal-based freelance writer, filmmaker and lecturer. Recipient of the 2010 Jacqueline Lemieux Prize, Scholar-in-Residence at the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival and a former Pew Fellow at UCLA, Philip contributes to Tanz. Media productions include Byron Chief-Moon: Grey Horse Rider, Quarantaine, and the stereoscopic film, Lost Action: Trace

Philip Szporer's Work

A Man’s World

The Singular Path of Hari Krishnan By Philip Szporer

Ted Shawn’s Legacy

By Philip Szporer

On Men Dancing

By Philip Szporer


One Way Trip 

By Philip Szporer Colonial Alvin Erasga Tolentino

Colonial is an utterly commanding and complex work steeped in concerns of foreignness tied to minority consciousness. It takes courage to go to the heart of identity onstage, but Alvin Erasga Tolentino, founder and director of the Vancouver-based CO.ERASGA Dance, does just that in this new, nuanced solo work.  


Body Mechanics 

By Philip Szporer Solitudes Solo, Ne meurs pas tout de suite, on nous regarde Daniel Léveillé Danse / Manuel Roque

Daniel Léveillé’s Solitudes Solo and Manuel Roque, who performed in Solitudes Solo, presents his own work, Ne meurs pas tout de suite, on nous regarde, co-presented by Tangente and the Festival Quartiers Danse.

Dancefilm rising

A crowded fall festival season didn’t deter Cinédanse Montréal from muscling its way into the field with a four-day run in Septemb…


Collaborate or Perish 

By Kathleen Smith, Philip Szporer, Megan Andrews, Kaija Pepper Festival TransAmériques 2012 ROSAS, Anne-Teresa de Keersmaeker, Clara Furey & Benoît Lachambre, Animals of Distinction, Le Carré des Lombes, Mélanie Demers

Against a backdrop of daily student protests and nightly casseroles gatherings, the sixth edition of the Festival TransAmériques (FTA) unfurled recently at various downtown Montréal venues.


Merry Age  

By Philip Szporer Virtuo Danse / Ghislaine Doté 

A staple in performance is the capacity to engage, and even if the observer is coolly distant from the proceedings, it’s all about pulling the audience into the rigorous discourse set forth by the choreographer. 


Calling All Angels 

By Philip Szporer Les Angèles: ces derniers bleus C'est juste lundi

Whatever drew the young Montréal-based C’est juste lundi collective to the iconic 1970s Charlie’s Angels TV series is an unstated mystery.

What's in a name?

The meaning of "Festival" By Philip Szporer

At a time when the term itself has become a tool for marketing any number of events and activities, what is at the heart of the concept? Philip Szporer talks to a variety of directors and visionaries on what “festival” means to them.

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