Philip Szporer

Editorial Advisory Committee, Contributor

Philip Szporer is a Montréal-based freelance writer, filmmaker and lecturer. Recipient of the 2010 Jacqueline Lemieux Prize, Scholar-in-Residence at the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival and a former Pew Fellow at UCLA, Philip contributes to Tanz. Media productions include Byron Chief-Moon: Grey Horse Rider, Quarantaine, and the stereoscopic film, Lost Action: Trace

Philip Szporer's Work


Expressive Geometry  

By Philip Szporer Adela, Mi Amor José Navas, Compagnie FLAK

Inspired by the writing of Spanish playwright Federico Garcia Lorca, and in particular his most political dramatic work “La casa de Bernarda Alba”, José Navas finds common ground with the playwright in that he wanted to respond to what he calls the “non-dance” that he sees produced in the Québec milieu.


Unplugged and Inside-Out 

By Philip Szporer Débranché PPS Danse

Fashioned not unlike a television reality show, “Débranché”, PPS Danse’s new production, evokes the highly disposable but hugely popular genre that drives commercial television worldwide.

In the Making

By Philip Szporer

Speed: The Velocity of a Gesture: Suzanne Miller and Allan Paivio


By Philip Szporer

Sparkplug Company: bjm (Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal) danse ignites

Searching for Dance

By Philip Szporer

FIND-Lab Part 1 by Philip Szporer (Festival International de Nouvelle Danse: Montréal: September 30-October 12, 2003: Uncollected Work by Crystal Pite; Field: Fiction and Farther Out by Crystal Pite; The Backtrack by Tammy Forsythe; Existencia by João Fiadeiro; Duo Pour Corps et Instruments by Danièle Desnoyers; Incidence chorégraphique 46”00”05, Project 1, Road chorégraphique by Manon Oligny)

Inscrutable Reflections

By Philip Szporer

Narcisse en Silence by Mariko Tanabe Danse: Montréal: April 7-10, 2004

A Middle Eastern Take on Le Sacre

By Philip Szporer

L’oeil et la Nuit, A program of works by Motaz Kabbani: Montréal: October 31, 2003: Prélude à l’Apres-midi d’un Faune; Ritual #5; Le Sacre du Printemps


A New Contour 

By Philip Szporer Margie Gillis 30th Anniversary  Margie Gillis

Audiences probably watch Gillis work differently from the way they watch other kinds of dance. Many come in awe, ready to receive the work with reverence and devotion. At the recent anniversary concert, for example, one middle-aged man a few rows ahead of me looked like he was ready to fling himself on stage (he didnt), but he did rush to throw his “billet doux” at her feet.  

Ground level

By Philip Szporer

A FIND Farewell (Festival international de nouvelle danse)


A Middle Eastern Take on "Le Sacre"  

By Philip Szporer L'Oeil et la nuit Motaz Kabbani

Motaz Kabbani is still making a name for himself on the Canadian dance scene, and now he has done something somewhat daring and unusual that should garner attention.