Penelope Ford


Penelope Ford is a writer focussing on dance. She recently moved to Toronto from Australia where she graduated in arts/law, with a major in philosophy. She is interested to explore the dance culture in Toronto and Montréal. | Penelope Ford [rédactrice invitée] est une rédactrice qui œuvre surtout en danse. Dernièrement, elle a quitté l’Australie, où elle reçoit un diplôme en arts et en droit, avec une majeure en philosophie, pour s’établir à Toronto. Elle s’intéresse particulièrement à la culture de la danse à Toronto et à Montréal. 

Penelope Ford's Work


The Rite and Harmony of “White” 

By Penelope Ford “White” Xing Dance Theatre of Canada

The beauty of the technique of classical dance is born in the ritualistic process of endowing the body with dance, in the hope that it will enchant the soul.  


When Dance Fell to Grace: a trio of solos (unsolicitied) 

By Penelope Ford Falling to Grace HOWDARESHE productions

Tanya Crowder describes the austere beauty of Venus in repose: supple neck climbing out of extended collarbones, braced by curving shoulders, yet her vulnerability is plain in her crooked knees that dip apart and ankles that wilt towards the floor.  


Routes and Roots 

By Penelope Ford CanAsian International Dance Festival  CanAsian International Dance Festival

In its tenth year, the CanAsian International Dance Festival does more than recognize the multiculturalism of Canadian dance; it reveres the place of tradition in dance.


Silence / Light 

By Penelope Ford Portal Peggy Baker Dance Projects

It seems the momentum of Peggy Baker’s thirty-five-year dance career is still gathering speed.  


By Penelope Ford

Portal by Peggy Baker, Peggy Baker Dance Projects: Toronto: March 6-9, 2008