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Paula Citron is a Toronto-based freelance arts journalist and broadcaster. She is senior dance writer for The Globe and Mail and arts reviewer for CLASSICAL 96.3fm. She is also a frequent contributor to Dance Magazine, Pointe magazine and Dance International. | Paula Citron [rédactrice invitée] est journaliste pigiste des arts basée à Toronto. Elle est rédactrice principale de danse pour The Globe and Mail et critique d’art pour CLASSICAL 96.3FM. De plus, elle écrit souvent pour Dance Magazine, Pointe magazine et Dance International

Paula Citron's Work

Setting IDAC In Motion 

By Paula Citron In Motion   Integrated Dance Artists Collective

In this expanded review, I hope that the enterprising young women of Integrated Dance Artists Collective (IDAC) won’t mind if I use them as an example for all groups on an inaugural run.

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