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Paula Citron is a Toronto-based freelance arts journalist and broadcaster. She is senior dance writer for The Globe and Mail and arts reviewer for CLASSICAL 96.3fm. She is also a frequent contributor to Dance Magazine, Pointe magazine and Dance International. | Paula Citron [rédactrice invitée] est journaliste pigiste des arts basée à Toronto. Elle est rédactrice principale de danse pour The Globe and Mail et critique d’art pour CLASSICAL 96.3FM. De plus, elle écrit souvent pour Dance Magazine, Pointe magazine et Dance International

Paula Citron's Work



By Paula Citron Wintersong - Dances for a Sacred Season

Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre’s (CCDT) annual WinterSong is now in its twenty-seventh year. The program was established in 1988 by co-directors Deborah Lundmark and Michael deConinck Smith as an antidote to the commercialism of the Christmas season. The teenagers that make up CCDT are consummate professionals who can dance rings around some of their adult colleagues.

At Fifty

The Best of Laurence Lemieux By Paula Citron

Myths & Modernity

With Emily Cheung By Paula Citron

On the eve of premiering a new full-length work with Little Pear Garden collective, choreographer and Artistic Director Emily Cheung talks about challenging – and respecting – tradition.


Randy Glynn on Dancing in the Third Act

By Paula Citron

Paula Citron interviews Randy Glynn about this summer’s Dancing in the Third Act project.


COBA at Twenty

Évoque: passions deep within By Paula Citron 20th Season Celebrations COBA (Collective of Black Artists)

That a dance company manages to reach a twentieth anniversary is no mean feat, given the difficulties that the performing arts face today.

Outward Expressions of the Inner Soul

Esmeralda Enrique's Life in Flamenco By Paula Citron

She’s one of Canada’s most distinguished artists, and both her Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Company and school, The Academy of Spanish Dance, are celebrating their thirtieth anniversaries this season.


Summer Banquet 

By Paula Citron dance: made in canada/fait au canada   dance: made in canada/fait au canada

Ever since the late, lamented fFIDA (fringe Festival of Independent Dance Artists) exited the scene in 2006, Toronto dance aficionados have been without their August fix. Happily, the new festival dance: made in canada/fait au canada (d: mic/fac) is filling that void.  


The Push/Pull Dynamic 

By Paula Citron “Lost and Found”, “Fidelity’s Edge” Denise Fujiwara, Susie Burpee

DanceWorks, Toronto’s prestigious contemporary dance series, often programs joint concerts that feature shorter works. It is a clever idea on the part of curator Mimi Beck, because it allows for new creations without a choreographer having to self-produce an entire evening.  

The Push/Pull Dynamic

By Paula Citron

Lost and Found by Denise Fujiwara and Fidelity’s Edge by Susie Burpee: Toronto: March 4-6, 2010

A Savvy Program 

By Paula Citron dance Immersion 2005  dance Immersion

Somewhere toward the end of dance Immersion, this writer had an epiphany. No matter how stirring the traditional African drumming and dancing, or how stylish a tap routine, or how attractive the synchronization of energetic b-girls, or how charming the Caribbean folklore, it was the contemporary choreography that gave substance to the evening.  

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