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Pamela Newell is involved in a variety of choreographing, performing, teaching and writing projects. She recently toured the collaborative, improvisational project Chalk and she presented her new quartet Being Susan Sontag in November 2006 in Montréal. | Pamela Newell [rédactrice invitée] participe à une variété de projets de création, d’interprétation, d’enseignement et de rédaction. Elle a récemment tourné Chalk, une collaboration en improvisation, et elle a présenté son nouveau quatuor Being Susan Sontag en novembre 2006 à Montréal. 

Pamela Newell's Work

Artist and Critic in Virtual Dialogue

By Philip Szporer, Pamela Newell

Being Susan Sontag by Pamela Newell: Montréal: November 16-19, 2006

The Choreographer’s Consort

By Pamela Newell

3 frameworks

Ginelle Chagnon

By Pamela Newell

Rendering the Dance

Dramaturgy, by any other name

By Pamela Newell

Rehearsal director, dramaturge, outside eye, witness, facilitator, mentor, monitor, répétiteur/répétitrice … Are these just different titles for essentially the same role, or does the recent interest in dance dramaturgy in Canada signify a new development in the choreographic process?


Artist and Critic in [Virtual] Dialogue 

By Philip Szporer, Pamela Newell “Being Susan Sontag” Pamela Newell

A conversation between critic Philip Szporer and choreographer Pamela Newell about her recent work “Being Susan Sontag”. With all due respect, they didn’t hold back. 

A Choreographic Workout

60 Hours in 5 Days By Pamela Newell

It’s not high impact, cardiovascular or necessarily physically taxing, but making choreography is just as much a workout as dancing. Over five days in December 2005, Montréal dance artist Pamela Newell participated in the second Montréal Danse Choreographic Research Workshop. Here she reflects on her experience.

Creating a Living Archive

Fonds choréographique Fernand Nault By Pamela Newell

As long-time co-artistic director of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens and now Choreographer Emeritus, Fernand Nault has created a significant corpus of original ballets. Now eighty-four, and stricken with Parkinson’s disease, he has formally entrusted his choreographic legacy to André Laprise through the creation of the Fonds choréographique Fernand Nault.


The Movement That We Are: Linda Rabin and Continuum By Pamela Newell

In the late 1980s, choreographer, teacher and LADMMI co-founder Linda Rabin felt the strong impulse to leave dance and open herself to new possibilities. Through various body-based practices, she found her way to Emilie Conrad’s Continuum work and returned to dance as a Continuum teacher. Says Robin: “In Continuum, we practice bringing our attention not so much to the movement that we do but more so to the movement that we are.”


By Pamela Newell

Louise Lecavalier – a new entrance


By Pamela Newell

Daniel Léveillé: in the flesh of the moment

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