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Nova Bhattacharya is a Toronto based independent dancer and choreographer.  Her dance works breathe rich life into the spectrum between classical Bharatanatyam and contemporary dance. She began her career as a dancer with the Menaka Thakkar Dance Company and then embarked her career as an independent artist appearing in the works of a number of companies including Fujiwara Dance Inventions, Kaeja d’Dance and Peggy Baker Dance Projects. Bhattacharya’s choreography has been commissioned by DanceWorks, Blue Ceiling Dance, Canada Dance Festival, Cahoots Theatre, Dusk Dances, Toronto Dance Theatre, Theatre Direct Canada and Dancemakers, and has been performed from coast to coast in Canada, Germany and Japan.  In 2012 she was awarded the Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton Award for outstanding artistic achievement in dance.  An active member of the Canadian arts scene she also works as a writer, consultant, and is currently Chair of the Toronto Arts Council Dance Committee. novadance.ca

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Nova Bhattacharya's Work

Dance Criticism: Perceptions, Challenges and the Future

Excerpts from our panel featuring dance artists Jera Wolfe and Nova Bhattacharya and critics Jenna Shummoogum and Deirdre Kelly By Jera Wolfe, Nova Bhattacharya, Jenna Shummoogum, Deirdre Kelly, Timea Wharton-Suri

Part of a three-part series that rolled out across print, radio and online in collaboration with Turnout Radio, this conversation looks at the politics surrounding dance criticism and how it impacts dance artists, dance critics and audience members.


An Embarrassment of Riches 

By Nova Bhattacharya Kalanidhi International Dance Festival and Conference: A Century of Indian Dance: Part II  Kalanidhi

The 2006 Kalanidhi International Dance Festival and Conference ran from September 22nd through October 1st and featured over 100 bharatanatyam, odissi, kuchipudi and chau artists from 7 countries in 30 performances, 2 intensive workshops in chau and bharatanatyam/zulu dance, and countless lectures, papers and dance chats. 

Going Out of Bounds

choreographic entrepreneur By Nova Bhattacharya

Calling herself a choreographer with a small ‘c’, Nova Bhattacharya’s early work maskura pushed her onto the mainstage before she felt entirely ready. Developing a personal contemporary bharatanatyam aesthetic, she has had to forge her own choreographic education and has worked with the likes of Peggy Baker and Susanne Linke to understand how her own creative process unfolds.

Sita's Journey to Canada 

By Nova Bhattacharya "Sitayana -- Sita's Story" Menaka Thakkar Dance Company

The Menaka Thakkar Dance Company’s presentation of “Sitayana – Sita’s Story” from May 12-15, 2005 at the Betty Oliphant Theatre, Toronto, was a virtuoso production of a dance drama in the bharatanatyam style. 

In the Making

By Nova Bhattacharya

Menaka Thakkar: a life in dance


By Nova Bhattacharya

Dominique Dumais: fair weather for a rising choreographer

In the Making

By Nova Bhattacharya

Inside Mortality [Ross Manson]


By Nova Bhattacharya

Mark Hammond’s Perspectives on Programming


By Nova Bhattacharya

CJ8: Cross-cultural exchange through dance

Social Studies

By Nova Bhattacharya

Arts Council Funding: the decision making process, part 3 of 3

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