Nicole Decsey


Nicole Decsey is an experienced performer and choreographer. She attended Cawthra Park Secondary School as a part of the dance program and was in the Cawthra Repertoire dance company. In 2019 she will be graduating from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performance Dance. In her spare time, Decsey volunteers at York Humber High School where she teaches dance to the students as part of their curriculum. She has had the opportunity to choreograph and perform in Toronto as well as attend many dance shows in the city. Her passion for dance motivates her to be involved in every aspect of the dance community. As an intern for The Dance Current, Nicole is looking forward to sharing her love for dance with others through her writing.

Nicole Decsey's Work

Emerging Arts Critics Programme

Connecting With a Classic

By Nicole Decsey

Ratmansky’s choreography is cutting edge while keeping the classical beauty of the ballet alive.


Cultivating Creativity By Nicole Decsey

Considering the rehearsal space


Exploring tension and friction By Nicole Decsey

Shion Skye Carter

From Our Archives

Tara Williamson Campbell’s Tenacity By Nicole Decsey

Co-founder and director of contemporary dance at the Hattori/Williamson School of Ballet


Salmon Girl

By Nicole Decsey

Salmon Girl is a colourful, visually arresting work that incorporates music, dance and puppetry to share a First Nations perspective about saving our waterways and the importance of salmon in the ecosystem.


A realm of connection By Nicole Decsey

Zeus Gonzales

On the Ground

Holding Up the Mirror

By Nicole Decsey

Jeroboam Bozeman reflects on his time auditioning for the Ailey Company, belief in himself and performing in Canada.

A Quiet Flamenco

A Quiet Flamenco is a series of short films shot and edited by Rosanna Terracciano, an independent flamenco artist based in Calgary whose goal is to expose the “vulnerable, introverted and muted” aspects of flamenco dance.