Naomi Brand


Naomi Brand is an independent dancer, choreographer and teacher living in Vancouver. She holds a BA and an MFA from the University of Calgary. | Naomi Brand [rédactrice de nouvelles] est une artiste de danse indépendante, chorégraphe et enseignante qui habite à Calgary. Elle a un baccalauréat et une maîtrise en beaux-arts de l’Université de Calgary. 

Naomi Brand's Work


Through the Microscope

Lesley Telford's Spooky Action at a Distance By Naomi Brand Spooky Action at a Distance

In Lesley Telford’s latest creation, Spooky Action at a Distance, she draws from subject matter that is well served by the complex spatial patterns and temporal relationships of a group of young, moving bodies. The piece is an interdisciplinary collaboration with poet Barbara Adler.


A Ferocious Dance Toward the Heart

Serge Bennathan and Les Productions Figlio By Naomi Brand Just Words

Just Words by Serge Bennathan reaches unabashedly for the heart with its words but hits the guts with its movement. Les Productions Figlio’s latest evening-length work addresses somewhat rare topics in contemporary dance these days such as love, beauty and art, all without apology.

Space, Time and a Body

Making where we dance more accessible By Naomi Brand

If dance performance and practice is increasingly understood to be produced by a variety of bodies and abilities, are we creating spaces that allow for those practices? Naomi Brand considers the physical structures and social ideas that allow dance spaces to be accessible.


4 Solos and group

A report from the dance events of the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival By Naomi Brand PuSh International Performing Arts Festival

A festival that prides itself on presenting works that take risks, the PuSh festival packed a lot of them into two weeks this winter in Vancouver.

Emerging Views

Alexander Andison By Naomi Brand

Making Waves

Vanessa Goodman By Naomi Brand

Vancouver-based dance artist and co-artistic director of The Contingency Plan, Goodman has garnered the support of local presenters, stellar collaborators and impressive interpreters.

Introspection and Retrospection

The Other Sides of Joe Laughlin By Naomi Brand

Moving forward after the twenty-fifth anniversary of Joe Ink, Joe Laughlin reflects on life as a choreographer, dancer and community activist.

Living a Practice

The Path of Margaret Grenier By Naomi Brand

The challenge of bringing the hereditary dances of the Gitxsan Nation to contemporary dance audiences fires the remarkable work of Margaret Grenier, artistic director of Vancouver’s Dancers of Damelahamid and the Coastal First Nations Dance Festival.


Dancers’ Studio West to leave theatre space

Calgary’s Dancers’ Studio West (DSW) has announced that they will be moving out of their studio theatre space in the new year.


Crystal Pite joins Sadler's Wells

Crystal Pite named Sadler’s Wells’ sixteenth Associate Artist.

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