Moze Mossanen


Moze Mossanen is an independent filmmaker who has created a body of popular and critically acclaimed work that has included a unique blend of drama, music and dance. These films include the awardwinning, featurelength documentary Dance for Modern Times, as well as numerous works created especially for television such as The Rings of Saturn, Year of the Lion (winner of three Gemini Awards and the Jury Prize at the Yorkton Film Festival), From Time to Time (nominated for three Gemini Awards), Roxana (winner of two Golden Sheaf awards, the CSC Award for Cinematography and two Gemini Awards) and Nureyev (winner of the Golden Sheaf Award and two Gemini awards, including one for Best Direction for Moze). His most recent films, Love Lies Bleeding and Romeos & Juliets, both aired on CBC in 2012.

Moze Mossanen's Work

Making Show Choir

The Real Glee By Moze Mossanen

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in show choirs, thanks to American television programs like Glee. Moze Mossanen catches up with some of the teachers who make it happen, asking them about the challenges and rewards of working in arts education.

Confluences: On the Screen

Life is a Cabaret, Old Chum By Moze Mossanen

Cabaret (1972) the film is released on Blu-ray.


Louise Quick on Cabaret, Bob Fosse and life on Broadway

By Moze Mossanen

Bob Fosse cast Louise Quick as a Kit Kat Klub dancer for his movie version of Cabaret in 1971. In the film, she is introduced by the Master of Ceremonies (played by Joel Grey) as ‘Helga’ in the lineup of dancers during the first number, Willkommen.


Confluences: On the Screen

Real Reality Ballet – The Making of Romeos & Juliets By Moze Mossanen

How do you make a documentary film about the making of a ballet? Better yet, how do you make a ballet film so that a wide television audience will be interested enough to tune in?

Confluences - On the Screen

By Moze Mossanen

Real Reality Ballet – The making of Romeos & Juliets