Mercedes Déziel-Hupé


A writer and editor by trade, Mercedes Déziel-Hupé is a communications professional with a background ranging from journalism to travelling liaison and marketing.  A graduate from the University of Ottawa, she has worked for universities, arts organizations and in both not-for-profit and the private sector. Mercedes has danced since she was old enough to walk and ask her parents for a dance class. Her 20-year experience allowed her to train in ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical and hip hop and later, went on to try baladi and learn the rudiments of contemporary with the School of Dance. In search of a social dance, Mercedes chose swing (lindy hop, charleston, balboa, shag, blues, west coast), to which she has now been dedicated for four years. Her dance experience was a great factor in her becoming the freelance dance critic at the French daily Le Droit (2006). She continued on as their emerging arts columnist for a year (Hors Piste, 2006-2007). Mercedes freelances to write about the topics and causes that she holds dear. Her work can also be found in University Affairs and Tabaret Magazine. She is also working on a photographic project called Ballet in the Streets, where she photographs ballet and contemporary dancers in urban settings. Mercedes currently works as an editor. She lives in the Ottawa-Gatineau area and loves to read, garden and cycle.

Mercedes Déziel-Hupé's Work


Canada Dance Festival 2015

Challenging the Idea of Dance By Mercedes Déziel-Hupé Canada Dance Festival/Festival Danse Canada

The yearly festival serves as a community leader in Canadian dance in order to foster the art form’s growth and its reach, featuring artists from across the country.


Robinson Repurposed

Tedd Robinson’s FACETS By Mercedes Déziel-Hupé FACETS

The piece is a creative retrospective in which the choreographer explores his recurrent themes of balance, material sculpture and movement, and risk-taking with humour and courage. As introspective solos, it was all the more interesting to see different performers interpret the personal nature of Rokudo, Rigmarole and Redd, nouveau genre.

Street Smarts. Rhythm. Curiosity.

Yvon “Crazy Smooth” Soglo By Mercedes Déziel-Hupé



Propeller Dance in Ottawa By Mercedes Déziel-Hupé Aqueous Propeller Dance

Propeller Dance’s Aqueous flows like water.