head shot of P. Megan Andrews, Founding Editor

Megan Andrews

Founding Editor & Director: Education and Special Projects

Megan Andrews, PhD, CMA, is a dance artist/scholar, educator and writer/editor, working across theory and practice in dance, somatics and performance. As a performer, Megan has worked with many independent choreographers across Canada and is currently developing a solo repertoire. She has published articles and essays in scholarly and journalistic publications and has been on faculty in the Dance Department at York University, in the Musical Theatre program at Sheridan College and in the School for Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University. Megan holds a PhD in Communication and Cultural Studies, is a Certified Laban Movement Analyst, and also certified instructor of 3D Workout™, a somatics-based conditioning practice. As the founder and founding editor of The Dance Current, Megan led and developed editorial for both print and online platforms from May 1998 through June 2011. She also served as publisher from May 1998 through December 2013, directing organizational and business strategies, and growing the company from a local, grassroots newsletter to a national, multi-platform media entity. From 2013 through 2016, she held the position of Executive Director and subsequently moved into the position of Director: Education and Special Projects. 

Megan Andrews' Work

Sasha Ivanochko

Resilience & Love By Megan Andrews

Yoking her 2008 solo The Future Memory Heartbreak Junction with a new duet, Sasha Ivanochko continues her exploration of the big themes in life.


By Megan Andrews

Drawn to the Rhythm

Tedd Robinson

Beauty, Art, Retreat, Nature By Megan Andrews, Rod MacIvor

Known for his strikingly visual works, Tedd Robinson reflects on his creative endeavours and his artistic retreat in the Pontiac region of Québec.


By Megan Andrews

School Days, Dance Days

Louise Moyes

St. John's Women and Other Docudances By Megan Andrews

St. John’s-based artist Louise Moyes creates docudances, multidisciplinary works that tell peoples’ stories.

Jolene Bailie

Interview By Megan Andrews

Sensory Life, Infinite World

Ame Henderson

Interview By Megan Andrews


Susanna Hood

Interview By Megan Andrews



By Megan Andrews

Kaleidoscopic Visions

Susanna Hood

Shudder By Megan Andrews, Jeremy Mimnagh

Choreographer Susanna Hood speaks of her new work, Shudder, a trio inspired by the work of British painter Francis Bacon and created for and with Alanna Kraaijeveld and Dan Wild.

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