Mary Theresa Kelly


Mary Theresa Kelly grew up in Scarborough and lives in Vancouver. She completed a Master’s degree in communications studies at the University of Calgary and now works as a freelance writer and research consultant. | Mary Theresa Kelly [rédactrice invitée] a grandi à Scarborough et habite à Vancouver. Elle a une maîtrise en communications de l’Université de Calgary et travaille actuellement comme rédactrice pigiste et conseillère en recherche. 

Mary Theresa Kelly's Work

Lorita Leung & Jessica Jone

Passing the Fan By Mary Theresa Kelly

Stretching in Jessica Jone’s ancestral past are thousands of years of rich Chinese dance tradition, and beckoning her into the future are the infinite possibilities of a diverse, contemporary dance practice in the global art world.


Moments Captured 

By Kaija Pepper, Eury Chang, Alana Gerecke, Mary Theresa Kelly, Sarah Todd Dancing on the Edge 2010  Dancing on the Edge

Capsule reviews by various writers, capturing the essence of the festival.


On Top of the World  

By Mary Theresa Kelly “The White Spider” Jennifer Mascall

It is understandable Jennifer Mascall’s imagination was ignited by Heinrich Harrer, one of the 20th century’s most famous European mountain climbers and adventurers.  

On Top of the World

By Mary Theresa Kelly

The White Spider by Jennifer Mascall: Vancouver: March 12-13, 2010

Melissa Williams

Extreme Dreams, Extreme Dance By Mary Theresa Kelly

Canadian-born dancer and choreographer Melissa Williams propelled herself into the commercial dance scene in Los Angeles at a young age. Judge on So You Think You Can Dance Canada and director of a touring dance convention, she now lives in Ontario with her musician husband and two children.


A Meditation on Gender 

By Mary Theresa Kelly “AdamEve/Man-Woman” Alvin Tolentino, Co. Erasga Dance

Tolentino’s new work, “AdamEve/Man-Woman”, is a sixty-minute duet, a long movement poem, and a taut meditation on the body in response to evolving forms of masculinity and femininity.  

Martha Carter

A Curved Career By Mary Theresa Kelly

After twenty-one years with a metal rod attached to her spine to treat scoliosis, in 1995 choreographer Martha Carter had the hardware removed. Her latest work Twisted explores the human impulse to move through the lens of her personal experience with scoliosis.

Making Waves

By Mary Theresa Kelly

Josh Beamish is powering up

Responding to Risk: A Dialogue 

By Kaija Pepper, Mary Theresa Kelly “Risk” Amber Funk Barton, the response.

Kaija Pepper and Mary Theresa Kelly exchange views on Funk Barton’s latest work. 

Byron Chief-Moon

Moving from a Landscape Tradition By Mary Theresa Kelly

Byron Chief-Moon broke into Vancouver’s film industry by falling off horses for the daily rate as a stuntperson. The actor, dancer and choreographer is soon to become a councillor in his home community on the Blood Reserve at Standoff, Alberta.