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Mary Theresa Kelly grew up in Scarborough and lives in Vancouver. She completed a Master’s degree in communications studies at the University of Calgary and now works as a freelance writer and research consultant. | Mary Theresa Kelly [rédactrice invitée] a grandi à Scarborough et habite à Vancouver. Elle a une maîtrise en communications de l’Université de Calgary et travaille actuellement comme rédactrice pigiste et conseillère en recherche. 

Mary Theresa Kelly's Work


The One and the Many

By Mary Theresa Kelly Vancouver International Dance Festival

Vital Few, excerpts from a work-in-progress, is choreographed and performed by 605 Collective artists Josh Martin and Lisa Gelley. The full-length work is scheduled to premiere next year, forcing dance lovers to wait to see how the work evolves.


Tales of Despair and Cheer

By Mary Theresa Kelly Wag

In a seventy-minute solo, Denise Clarke moves from total despair to life-affirming joy, hitting a hundred shades of feeling and gesture in between and keeping the audience close every step of the way.


Double Trouble or When Things Fall Apart

By Mary Theresa Kelly Jacques & James James Gnam & Jacques Poulin-Denis


The Three Faces of Jane

By Mary Theresa Kelly we all know Jane: an evening of new dance

Ziyian Kwan, Anne Cooper, Jane Osborne and Vanessa Goodman explore “Janeness” in Vancouver.


The Emperor’s New Clothes

By Mary Theresa Kelly Body-Scan: Sweet Gyre Par B.L.eux /battery opera

Body-Scan: Sweet Gyre explores the practice of body scanning, systematically directing one’s attention throughout the body-mind. It is common to many traditions: Buddhism, Tantric yoga, Taoism, secular mindfulness and Western psychotherapy. Reviewer Mary Theresa Kelly remains unconvinced.


The Dedication of "Edgers" 

By Kaija Pepper, Mary Theresa Kelly, Lori Henry, Pia Lo Dancing on the Edge  605 Collective, Robin Poitras, Troy Emery Twigg, Helen Husak, Deborah Dunn, Meredith Kalaman, Sophie Yendole & Various

Dancing on the Edge began at the same time as the west coast summer, but dance held its own next to the sun and houses were good – not full, but bustling.


Evolving the Space of Ballet 

By Mary Theresa Kelly Bliss José Navas / Ballet BC

If Ballet BC enthusiasts and supporters had any doubts about the capacity for Emily Molnar to lead the company into a thriving future, they were quashed with the recent opening of Bliss, a program of three full-length works choreographed by resident choreographer José Navas.  


Room Service? There’s a Dancer in my Room!  

By Mary Theresa Kelly M/Hotel battery opera

David McIntosh knits in the lobby bar of the Holiday Inn in downtown Vancouver. He is making a burgundy sweater vest, and welcoming audience members to M/Hotel, his latest dance-theatre work.  


It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a VIDF Dancer! 

By Mary Theresa Kelly Vancouver International Dance Festival  Vancouver International Dance Festival 

Although Peter Bingham has never been spotted changing disguise in a telephone booth, the mild-mannered choreographer of the mixed bill titled Life Sentences continues to fight for the truth of contact dance, creating work that is faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, with dancers who appear able to leap over tall buildings in a single bound.

Moments Captured

By Sarah Todd, Mary Theresa Kelly

Selections from Dancing on the Edge 2010, Vancouver (Status Quo and Twitch City by Amber Funk Barton and Shay Kuebler; Les Recours aux forêts by Serge Bennathan for m-body; Gathering Light by Michelle Olson)

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