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Mary Fogarty is an assistant professor of dance at Toronto’s York University with a PhD in Music from the University of Edinburgh. She is currently working on a book project with Ken Swift, a second-generation bboy from New York City, and is editing the first anthology of hip hop dance for Oxford University Press with Imani Kai Johnson. Recent publications include “Gene Kelly: The Original, Updated” in the Oxford Handbook of Dance and the Popular Screen (2014), an article about (un)familiar music and imagining dance for Neurocase (2014) and “Each One Teach One” in Ageing and Youth Cultures (2012). Originally from Calgary, Fogarty began performing improvisation solos by grade three, played in both punk rock and trip hop bands in high school and still plays the cello “badly” on occasion. She is part of the KeepRockinYou arts collective that runs the Toronto B-Girl Movement community programming. 

Mary Fogarty's Work

Breaking Bad

The New Bgirls By Mary Fogarty

In what is often considered a male-dominated dance form, a new generation of bgirls carves out alternative modes of expression, dismantling stereotypes and pushing the boundaries of the form as they go.