Marie Claire Forté

Translator & Contributor

Marie Claire Forté is a dancer, choreographer, translator and writer. Former member of Le Groupe Dance Lab, she currently dances for choreographers in Montréal and Toronto. She has presented her own work in Ottawa, Montréal, Toronto and Saint-John’s. 

Marie Claire Forté's Work

Deborah Dunn

Staging Absurd Theatricality By Marie Claire Forté

From her first forays into dance performance, Montréal-based choreographer Deborah Dunn has taken an absurdly theatrical approach to her work.


Bubble-Wrap Reality Dance 

By Marie Claire Forté “Talk Show” Alexis Andrew, Elizabeth MacKinnon

Layers of subtext float around this performance called “Talk Show” by Ottawa’s collective (gulp). Independent dance artists are a rare and special breed in Ottawa – Alexis Kate Andrew and Elizabeth MacKinnon of collective (gulp) are no exception.  


Encounter Overflow 

By Marie Claire Forté Canada Dance Festival 2006: Environmental Encounters  Canada Dance Festival

“Encounter great dance,” announced the 2006 Canada Dance Festival (CDF). Returning from a pared-down 2004 edition, Artistic Director Brian Webb presented a full program, complete with theatre performances, Dance Dialogues (a series of morning discussions and presentations) and Environmental Encounters (outdoor performances).  

Dancing in the Street

Grasshoppa Dance Exchange By Marie Claire Forté

Ever felt like you wanted to dance in the street? The Ottawa-based Grasshoppa Dance Exchange does it regularly. They meet up at crosswalks, on street corners and in other public spaces to perform unannounced for unsuspecting audiences. They call it a “hop” and attendance is free.

Making Waves

By Marie Claire Forté

Harold Rhéaume: defining his space


Patchwork but Persistent 

By Philip Szporer, Kaija Pepper, Kate Cornell, Bridget Cauthery, Marie Claire Forté Canada Dance Festival 2004  Canada Dance Festival

It’s been a rough road for the Canada Dance Festival this year, first facing funding shortfalls, and subsequently narrowing the programming to fourteen performances, down from thirty-one two years ago. Organizers of the tenth edition, not willing to relinquish much else, splashed the slogan “Dare to turn up the heat” in riposte. 


By Marie Claire Forté

Peter Boneham: Catalyzing Dance

In the Making

By Marie Claire Forté

Rob Adubo: keeping it real


LOVE ME: Cinderella, Astroturf, red sequins and dancing men  

By Marie Claire Forté Celle qui, dit-on, aurait perdu sa chaussure (Cendrillon) Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal, Stijn Celis

How much can you renew a traditional fairy tale? Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal and Belgian choreographer Stijn Celis answer with “Celle qui, dit-on, aurait perdu sa chaussure (Cendrillon)”.


By Marie Claire Forté

Living with an Injury