Marie Claire Forté

Translator & Contributor

Marie Claire Forté is a dancer, choreographer, translator and writer. Former member of Le Groupe Dance Lab, she currently dances for choreographers in Montréal and Toronto. She has presented her own work in Ottawa, Montréal, Toronto and Saint-John’s. 

Marie Claire Forté's Work

Short Waves

By Amy Bowring, Marie Claire Forté

Lola MacLaughlin 1952-2009; CDA reports to Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage; Second season of So You Think You Can Dance Canada; Canadian Artists win at the Bruhn Competition; Recent dance on screen; Anniversaries

Mixed-Ability Performance in Canada

By Marie Claire Forté

When it comes to mixed-ability dance, audience access and ability are a key part of the equation. How do we engage with and talk about unfamiliar performance experiences?

Ottawa’s Propeller Dance

By Marie Claire Forté

This month, Ottawa’s Propeller Dance tours to the International Disability Arts Symposium Momentum ‘09 in Auckland, New Zealand.


Remix, Mash-Up, Smash-Up, etc. 

By Philip Szporer, Marie Claire Forté Festival TransAmériques 2008  Festival TransAmériques

Philip Szporer and Marie Claire Forté in conversation throughout the Festival TransAmériques 2008. 


Spinning around art and outreach 

By Marie Claire Forté HIP HOP 360 at the Canada Dance Festival  Canada Dance Festival

There is something particular about this Canada Dance Festival (CDF) intermediate year programming, also the festival’s first thematic five-day event. Is it the YouTube trailer, the graffiti artists spraying large wood panels outside the National Arts Centre (NAC) box office, the abundance of youth sporting hoodies and baseball caps, the men outnumbering the women by a proportion of ten to one?  


A Certain Selection of Dance 

By Philip Szporer, Marie Claire Forté Festival TransAmériques  Festival TransAmériques 

This May marked the inaugural program of the Montréal-based dance and theatre event, Festival TransAmériques. To cover the dance programming at this year’s premiere event, The Dance Current invited writers Marie Claire Forté (Ottawa) and Philip Szporer (Montréal) to exchange their views in an e-mail conversation. Here are their evocative and emphatic impressions.  

Circuit-Est Centre Choregaphique

a small centre grown big By Marie Claire Forté

In 1987, ten choreographers and dancers (Francine Gagné; Louise Bédard; Sylvain Émard; Lucie Grégoire; Carole Ip; Rodrigue Jean; Jocelyne Sarasin; Richard Simas; Leanne Smith; Tedi Tafel) were working together in Montréal. They wanted a permanent home and joined to create Circuit-Est. The choreographic centre celebrates twenty years this month.

Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault

The Life of a Choreographic Heritage By Marie Claire Forté

Jean-Pierre Perreault’s choreographic heritage moves forward after a long process of restructuring.

Canada Dance Festival Selections 2006

By Marie Claire Forté

Fluid Stability, mixed program with three premieres: When Skin Separates from Bone by Margie Gillis: Ottawa: June 3

Canada Dance Festival Selections 2006

By Marie Claire Forté

0101/Work in Progress by Lynda Gaudreau: Ottawa: June 4