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Lucy M. May


Lucy M. May is a contemporary dance artist based in Montréal. Attracted to the porousness of collaboration and the margins of dancing, May is currently creating performances that ask how geo- and bio-social environments thread their way through human movement. Between 2009 and 2016, May was a member of Compagnie Marie Chouinard and, as an independent dancer, she has worked with Margie Gillis, Alejandro De Léon, Sasha Kleinplatz, Melissa Raymond and others. May took her first Krump class in October 2016.

Lucy M. May's Work


Full Out By Lucy M. May

Krump pioneer Valerie “Taminator” Chartier builds strength and strength of character

Resistance and Resiliance

By Lucy M. May, Vladimir "7Starr" Laurore

How Krumpers across the country are shaping their communities through advocacy.

The Body Magnetic

A reintroduction to choreographer, dancer and mentor Gioconda Barbuto By Lucy M. May

Dancer, choreographer and mentor Gioconda Barbuto has a reputation for conducting excellence: her own and others’.


Dream Interpretation

By Lucy M. May 6,3 Évanouissements

With all the improbabilities of a Haruki Murakami novel, 6,3 Évanouissements leads us on a playful chase through the back door of the theatre before we arrive in our seats. Once sedentary, our perspective on the stage is reconfigured from moment to moment.


No Blessed Light

By Lucy M. May Au sein des plus raides vertus Festival TransAmériques 2014

I leave the theatre after Catherine Gaudet’s Au sein des plus raides vertus needing to move on and to be alone. The same feeling befell me following Je suis un autre, her 2012 piece, which shares many of the same structures and compositional elements. However, the effect of this new piece on me is much darker. It’s as if I have just witnessed an incomplete exorcism.


Creaturely Empathy: Intimacy, Sensation & Duration

Antonija Livingstone with Jennifer Lacey, Dominique Pétrin, Stephen Thompson By Lucy M. May Culture, Administration & Trembling Festival TransAmériques 2014

Through the backstage area, we tiptoe in our socks into L’Agora de la danse. It has become a de facto gallery space for the performance of Culture, Administration & Trembling. Europe-based, North American choreographers Antonija Livingstone and Jennifer Lacey, with Dominique Pétrin and Stephen Thompson, are at once its curators and its artists.


Snakeskins – A Fake Solo by Benoît Lachambre

Benoît Lachambre By Lucy M. May SNAKESKINS Festival TransAmériques 2014

It’s the morning after the closing of Snakeskins, a “fake solo” created by choreographer and dancer Benoît Lachambre, which played for two nights during Montréal’s Festival TransAmériques. Lachambre joined me at Place des Arts for a dialogue about the work and my impressions. When we meet, I take a moment to admire the intensity of his brilliant blue eyes, his long ash-coloured hair and uneven gait. In them, I recognize aspects of the same person who astonished me onstage with both physical endurance and humility. Lachambre is stooped but resilient; a shape-shifter.

Radiant, Ashen, Burning, Blistered, Flushed

A Century of Naked Performance By Lucy M. May

Nudity has never been more present in contemporary dance, but wait! – it’s nothing new. Writer/dancer Lucy M. May charts naked performance in the 20th and 21st centuries from Isadora Duncan to Kokoro Dance to Dave St-Pierre.


Comfort Zone Out-Grown

Hybridity and Emergence, Series 1 at Quartiers Danses By Lucy M. May Quartiers Danses

Four young dancer-choreographers dressed up and showed up as bright professionals for the first instalment of the Hybridity and Emergence series, nestled within the eleventh annual festival Quartiers Danses in Montréal.


Taking the Plunge

Piss in the Pool By Lucy M. May Piss in the Pool Wants & Needs Danse

Wants & Needs Danse goes off the deep end with the 9th annual Piss in the Pool.

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