Lucy Fandel


Lucy Fandel is choreographer, dancer and writer based in Montréal, who grew up between Beaulieu sur Mer, France, and Concord, Massachusetts. After her first year studying sociology at Concordia University, she decided to pursue dance professionally and joined the contemporary dance department as a double major in dance and honours sociology. She aspires to better understand the social world around her by combining the humanities, writing and dance: integrating sociological concepts and practices into her artistic research. Lucy has performed and presented work in festivals such as Montréal’s Nuit Blanche, Art Matters at Concordia and the Festival International du Film Ethnographique de Quebec (FIFEQ). She has also led a course on dance history at the McGill Community for Lifelong Learning.


Lucy Fandel's Work


New Programs for Dance Teacher Training

A collaborative effort between several professional dance schools in Montréal yields a new attestation of collegial studies in dance training in one of two specializations, classical or contemporary dance.


Québec Dances for April 29

In honour of International Dance Day, Québec Danse invited audiences and artists to celebrate the incredible variety of dance forms and practices across the province in a wide array of classes, shows, rehearsals and exhibitions.


A Culture Factory Spreads Dance

The Regroupement québecois de la danse has become a partner of La Fabrique culturelle, a new arts media platform that collects and features videos and photographs representing all the arts.


Continuing Without a Company

A change in direction for the Trey McIntyre Project highlights the potential of a new model for dance companies in Canada and the US.

Short Waves

By Lucy Fandel

Farewell Nathalie; New Director at Tangente; Comings and Goings at the Canada Council for the Arts


Tangente’s New Director

Stéphane Labbé takes the reins at Tangente, continuing the organization’s mission to support emerging dance artists.


Dance Photos in the Park

An outdoor photo exhibition of some of Montréal’s most celebrated contemporary dance companies graces the newly re-opened Parc Serge-Garant.


Miryam Moutillet's New Dance Pavilion

Lock Danseurs founding member Miryam Moutillet inaugurates the state-of-the-art Henle Dance Pavilion, a new home for the Union College dance program in upstate New York.

Short Waves

By Naomi Brand, Cindy Brett, Philip Szporer, Lucy Fandel

Alberta update; New home for Dance Collection Danse; Canadian talent at LAX


Former Ballerina Nathalie Buisson Dies

After years of unyielding motivation and rallying for research fundraisers for cerebral cancer Nathalie Buisson dies in Montréal at the age of 47.

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