Lori Henry


Lori Henry is a writer and anthropologist of dance based in North Vancouver. She began her dance career by training in Polynesian dancing when she was two years old, eventually going on to study ballet, tap, jazz and contemporary genres. While working as a travel writer for ten years, she also learned local dances around the world wherever someone would teach her. She is the author of Dancing Through History: In Search of the Stories That Define Canada (Dancing Traveller Publishing, 2012) and holds an MA in Dance Anthropology from Roehampton University (London, UK). You can find out more about her at LoriHenry.ca.  

Lori Henry's Work


Dancing on the Edge 2015: Part 1

Edge 5 and Steppin’ By Lori Henry Dancing on the Edge Festival 2015

Vancouver’s Dancing on the Edge festival brought another strong collection of work this year. On the whole, the mixed programs were well matched each evening, with the longer pieces generally being more cohesive and developed. The Site Works continue to be good entry points for new audiences (as well as a place to debut new or in-progress choreographies).


The Dedication of "Edgers" 

By Kaija Pepper, Mary Theresa Kelly, Lori Henry, Pia Lo Dancing on the Edge  605 Collective, Robin Poitras, Troy Emery Twigg, Helen Husak, Deborah Dunn, Meredith Kalaman, Sophie Yendole & Various

Dancing on the Edge began at the same time as the west coast summer, but dance held its own next to the sun and houses were good – not full, but bustling.


Contorting in the Cirque du Soleil

By Lori Henry

I remember being quite impressed in elementary school when I heard that the Cirque du Soleil was Canadian.