Kimberly Ramos and Geovanny Ricardo

Kimberly Ramos and Geovanny Ricardo


Kimberly Ramos and Geovanny Ricardo are a Latin dance couple best known for their energetic and smooth flair on and off stage. Based out of Toronto, the pair has achieved success on both a national and international level, having competed, performed and instructed at a professional level since 2013. The couple directs Araguacu Latin Dance Company, specializing in salsa and bachata. Ricardo and Ramos are organizers of Dame Tu Bachata, one of the largest bachata socials in North America, aimed at growing the community of dancers, and exposing Canadian dancers to the global dance scene.

Kimberly Ramos and Geovanny Ricardo's Work

Bachata Across Canada

By Kimberly Ramos and Geovanny Ricardo

Dance partners and teachers Kimberly Ramos and Geovanny Ricardo share the work of Canadian bachata artists, detailing how the Dominican form became popular.