Kevin A. Ormsby


Artistic Director of KasheDance Kevin A. Ormsby works as a dancer/ choreographer and arts marketing consultant and is an Adjunct Artist with Dance Exchange in Washington, DC. Currently the Program Manager for Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario, he is a 2016 Ontario Arts Council Chalmers Fellowship recipient, OAC KM Hunter Dance Award 2016 nominee, Toronto Arts Council’s Cultural Leaders Lab Fellow and the 2014 Canada Council for the Arts’ Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton Award recipient in dance. With a career that spans over twenty-five years, he has performed with various companies in Canada, the Caribbean and the United States.

Kevin A. Ormsby's Work


‘Historians’ Is an Ode to Black Lives and Blackness Dedicated to the Spirits and Soul of Us Black Folx

Kevin Ormsby reviews the short film that won Best Social Justice Film at the Vancouver Independent Film Festival By Kevin A. Ormsby


Caribana is Our Stage

Embodying tradition, ritual and art in Canadian Carnival By Kevin A. Ormsby

Themes of becoming, shaping from and returning to are central to Caribbean performance arts. As one of these art forms, Carnival is a nuanced performance art practice rooted in the cultural memory of the lives of Caribbean peoples throughout Canada and the diaspora. But whose story is told (or not told) and in what context? The telling or omission of stories can be traced to a lack of understanding of the complexity of the Caribbean and its Carnival – a performance tradition that is more than the mass commodification, sexuality and “loud music” we often associate it with.

Caribana is Our Stage

By Kevin A. Ormsby

Kevin Ormsby outlines his relationship to the Peeks Toronto Caribbean Carnival and its communal collective history.


Dancing in Solidarity, Alliance in Practice: Objectives Within Reach 

By Kevin A. Ormsby Canada Dance Festival 2009 Canada Dance Festival

The Canada Dance Festival (CDF) and the National Arts Centre were bustling once again between June 25th and 28th as the CDF hosted its annual festivities, focussing this year on “Dancing In, Through and Between Cultures towards a Space of Mutuality”.