Kendra Guidolin


Kendra Guidolin is a graduate of York University’s Dance and Creative Writing programs. She’s currently pursuing her creative writing MA at the University of New Brunswick, where she studies and will write a thesis on bodies in performance, whether that is through the performing arts, or through the performance of one’s gender on a daily basis. Alongside her studies, she continues to dance, as well as write and publish poetry and short fiction. 

Kendra Guidolin's Work


serenade By Kendra Guidolin

Writers & Readers


By Kendra Guidolin

Poetry by Kendra Guidolin. Find more of her work in our November/December 2020 issue.

Spinning Around Stigma

By Kendra Guidolin

Kendra Guidolin speaks with three dance artists about the world of pole dancing, investigating the layers of stigma that often steal the spotlight from the artist and the art form.

A figure in a white tutu dances in a blur
Writers & Readers

This Shape

By Kendra Guidolin

Kendra Guidolin shares a short fiction piece on the subject of body image.

Check It Out

Illustrating Consent By Kendra Guidolin

A graphic story by Regroupement québécois de la danse


Getting the Part By Kendra Guidolin

Ensuring safety at dance auditions