Kathleen Smith


Kathleen Smith is a Toronto-based filmmaker, producer and writer with a special interest in movement and performance. Kathleen was editor of The Dance Current from July 2011 through April 2014. 

Kathleen Smith's Work

Heather Ogden & Guillaume Côté

Partners on stage and off By Kathleen Smith

“It’s really incredible to have the person you love understand fully the sacrifice and love you have for dance,” says Guillaume Côté. He and Heather Ogden, both principal dancers at the National Ballet of Canada, were married in July. Theirs is a partnership on stage and off.


The Immigrant Experience 

By Kathleen Smith “Displacement” Robert Glumbek, HCA Dance Theatre

“Displacement”, as the title suggests, is an exploration of the immigrant experience. A multimedia concert with choreography by Robert Glumbek, visual elements by Vessna Perunovich and a ravishing score by Christos Hatzis.


Ofilio Portillo and Crew, Onstage 

By Kathleen Smith “Unbearable Prospect” Gadfly

Street dance has become big business. The virtuosic moves and joyous energy that the original b-boys of New York and Los Angeles brought to street corners, empty parking lots and impromptu clubs of the seventies spawned a genuine movement movement.  

Acts of Dance

Dance as Activism By Kathleen Smith

The dancing body is nothing if not political – everyone from Friedrich Nietzsche to Jacques Derrida to Isadora Duncan has talked about this. Are Canadian dance artists then the most political of Canada’s artists? Why isn’t the collective voice of Canadian dance calling out for social change in a more audible way? Well, sometimes it is.

School of Hip Hop

UNITY’s Way In By Kathleen Smith

Chan Hon Goh

Making an elegant exit By Kathleen Smith

Of her final performances with The National Ballet of Canada, retiring ballerina Chan Hon Goh says simply, “I hope to dance well.”


Layering Tradition and Identity 

By Kathleen Smith “Meeting with Saghi” Sashar Zarif

In Persian culture, the character of Saghi is a beloved wine-bearer who embodies ideals and beliefs of the tradition that created him in much the same way as the stories of Krishna inform the East Indian cultural landscape. 

A Review in the Shape of a Conversation

By Kathleen Smith, Megan Andrews

/dance/songs/ by Ame Henderson/Public Recordings: Toronto: November 17-26, 2006


A Whirl of Sound and Motion 

By Kathleen Smith “Asala” Arabesque Dance Company

One of Toronto’s most successful dance companies is devoted to forms of dance that have entranced devotees and audiences alike for thousands of years. Under the direction of Yasmina Ramzy, the Arabesque Dance Company takes Middle Eastern dance vocabularies and showcases them, for the most part respectfully, and to the delight of their fans.