Kathleen Smith


Kathleen Smith is a Toronto-based filmmaker, producer and writer with a special interest in movement and performance. Kathleen was editor of The Dance Current from July 2011 through April 2014. 

Kathleen Smith's Work

Jordan Clark

Canada's Favourite Dancer By Kathleen Smith

Nineteen-year-old Jordan Clark from Tottenham, Ontario, was crowned Canada’s Favourite Dancer on the fourth and final season of So You Think You Can Dance Canada.


By Kathleen Smith, Megan Andrews

Striving for Articulate Expressions: Notes from Kathleen Smith and Megan Andrews


Dimensions of Dance on Film and Video By Kathleen Smith

Dance for the screen seems to be simultaneously shrinking and expanding in ways we don’t yet fully understand. But one thing is clear – micro or macro – it is more ubiquitous than ever.

For Japan

By Kathleen Smith

Dai Don Den: HA RU by Ayako Matsuura; Nothing-weight-light by Naoko Murakoshi; a Gain by Peter Chin; a SEEd by Hiroshi Miyamoto; APOPTOSIS by Keiko Kitano; satu dua tiga by Keiko Ninomiya

Writer’s Statement

By Kathleen Smith

Dance Collection Danse

Saving the Past for the Future By Kathleen Smith

For the past twenty-five years, Dance Collection Danse has been gathering, organizing, protecting and sharing documentation of all kinds from the rich cultural history of Canada’s dance communities.


Sometimes, the Heaviness of Flight 

By Kathleen Smith “The Great Farini Project” Sharon B. Moore

Inspired by the daring men and women of Victorian-era showbiz, “The Great Farini Project” posits an intense rivalry between two of its most fearless stars – French veteran high wire artist Jean Gravelet-Blondin and his upstart imitator, American William Hunt, aka the Great Farini.


Spring Awakenings 

By Kathleen Smith “Sensorium”, “The Possibility Dance” Susan Lee, Jessica Runge

Spring made its usual emphatic entrance in Toronto this year, bringing strange wardrobe combinations to the streets, a wonderland of pale pink cherry blossoms to High Park, and a diverse season of theatrical dance to downtown theatres.

Ofilio Portillo & Apolonia Velasquez

A High-Octane Partnership By Kathleen Smith

“We’d like to have people go see street dance the same way they would go see a ballet or Cirque du Soleil.” Portillo and Velasquez are commercially successful performers and advocates for the street dance styles they love.

Constructing Situations

Space, Time and Beyond By Kathleen Smith