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Kathleen Smith is a Toronto-based filmmaker, producer and writer with a special interest in movement and performance. Kathleen was editor of The Dance Current from July 2011 through April 2014. 

Kathleen Smith's Work


By Kathleen Smith

The Pain Issue


By Kathleen Smith

Marina Abramovic

Never Say Die

By Kathleen Smith


After You

By Kathleen Smith loveloss Michael Trent / Dancemakers

Where does our love go? It’s a question that everyone ponders, especially at some of the sadder benchmarks of life – the end of a relationship, the death of a parent or friend. Dance is particularly adept at addressing the states of love and loss that define us. Veteran choreographer Michael Trent tackles it with style in loveless, his recent show with Dancemakers.


Flamenco Spectrum

By Kathleen Smith Flamenca Noche, HomoBLABLAtus Soledad Barrio & La Otra Orilla

Dance forms must grow and evolve away from their originating traditions if they are to survive and attract new generations of practitioners and aficionados. At the same time, tradition demands and deserves the utmost respect. Flamenco is both a case in point and – as demonstrated by Spanish artist Soledad Barrio’s Noche Flamenca and Montréal’s La Otra Orilla in separate recent Toronto concerts.

Controlled Street

Luther Brown plays the game By Kathleen Smith

With roots in Jamaica and Toronto’s Jane/Finch, choreographer Luther Brown brings street cred to the big time by crafting eye-popping in-your-face routines for the likes of Janet Jackson and Nicki Minaj


By Kathleen Smith

It’s a Man’s World?

Short Waves

By Kathleen Smith, Cindy Brett

I Love Dance Awards; CDA’s Step in Time! Conference; Les Grands Ballets makes history in Oman


The Canadian Dance Assembly's Step in Time! Conference

By Kathleen Smith

Mandated to explore two themes - technology and pluralism - the Canadian Dance Assembly’s (CDA) annual conference drew a diverse range of dance practitioners, teachers and thinkers to Ottawa from October 20th through 22nd.


Mother Love 

By Kathleen Smith Awáa Aszure Barton & Artists

In an artist of talent, confidence can be a very good thing. The sure creative hand of choreographer Aszure Barton is in evidence even before her latest show - Awáa - begins.  

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