Kathleen Smith


Kathleen Smith is a Toronto-based filmmaker, producer and writer with a special interest in movement and performance. Kathleen was editor of The Dance Current from July 2011 through April 2014. 

Kathleen Smith's Work


Music Video in the Temple of Art By Kathleen Smith


By Kathleen Smith


Short Waves

By Lys Stevens, Kathleen Smith, Cindy Brett

Eva von Gencsy (1924-2013); Accolades in BC; Les Grands launches dance therapy centre

Powwow 101

with Larry Yazzie By Kathleen Smith


So Good

So Blue / Louise Lecavalier and Fou Glorieux By Kathleen Smith So Blue Festival TransAmériques 2013

The house lights are up and Lecavalier eyes her audience, attentive, unafraid but reserved, the essence of readiness.


Sound and Fury

Ginette Laurin / O Vertigo By Kathleen Smith Khaos Festival TransAmériques 2013

Ginette Laurin’s Khaos at FTA is highly organized and anything but chaotic.


Les Grands Ballets Launches Centre for Dance Therapy

On April 23, 2013 Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal announced the creation of a National Centre for Dance Therapy.


The Gyres & Pond Skaters

By Kathleen Smith Brussels / Toronto Project Etienne Guilloteau / Thomas Hauert

TDT’s Brussels/Toronto Project meditates on the mechanics and dynamics of ensemble dancing – with superb craftsmanship and charm.


Across Oceans

AI13’s Live Streaming Project By Kathleen Smith

Stream, a ballet featuring live streaming, was a highlight of AI13 at Canada’s National Ballet School.


By Kathleen Smith

The Pain Issue

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