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Kathleen Smith is a Toronto-based filmmaker, producer and writer with a special interest in movement and performance. Kathleen was editor of The Dance Current from July 2011 through April 2014. 

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Antonijevic to retire from stage

One of the National Ballet of Canada’s most admired performers – principal dancer Aleksandar Antonijevic – has announced his retirement from the stage.


By Kathleen Smith

New Narratives for a New Year

Short Waves

By Samantha Mateus , Kathleen Smith, Samantha Mehra

Joining forces for advocacy; I Love Dance Award winners; Ballet BC reveals fiscal surplus

Paris is Still Burning

By Kathleen Smith

Meet me in Vancouver

Canadian Dance Assembly’s Moving Strategies Conference & the Dance in Vancouver Biennial By Kathleen Smith


I Love Dance Awards

On November 19 at the Canadian Dance Assembly’s Moving Strategies conference in Vancouver, six I Love Dance Awards were handed out.


Claire Denis' Vers Mathilde

As part of an extensive celebration of French filmmaker Claire Denis’ work, TIFF Bell Lightbox is presenting the documentary Vers Mathilde, Denis’ idiosyncratic exploration of the creative process of acclaimed French choreographer Mathilde Monnier.


By Kathleen Smith

Ballet Spectrum

Provocation Dance

Mélanie Demers By Kathleen Smith

From ballet classes growing up in Québec City to company dancer with O Vertigo to ringleading collaborator with her own Montréal-based Mayday Danse, Mélanie Demers finds her place making work that is hard-edged, funny and heartbreaking.


By Kathleen Smith

Cross Discipline Double Cross

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