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Kate Morris is a Toronto-based editor, writer and researcher. She has worked as an editor at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories and Nelson Education. She holds a Master’s degree in English from the University of Glasgow and has recently submitted her doctoral thesis at the University of Oxford. A graduate of ESA, she has danced non-professionally for most of her life and regularly takes workshops and classes in tap, hip hop, jazz and ballet in Toronto.

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In Conversation: Brazilian Dance in a Canadian Context

Adrianna Yanuziello and Newton Moraes By Kate Morris

In the lead-up to the FIFA World Cup of soccer in Brazil, our editor, Kate Morris, sat down with two Toronto-based dancer-choreographers to discuss Brazilian dance – what they discovered was just how polyvalent and multifaceted Brazil and its dance can be.



By Kate Morris Vancouver Queer Film Festival

Frankie, the newest and youngest member of an exciting contemporary dance company, lives in fear and dread. At work he’s mocked by the choreographer and told to “dance like a man.” Outside of work the city offers no relief: a newspaper headline asks “Should Gays Be Quarantined?” and fresh graffiti screams “AIDS Faggot Die!” The year is 1985, the place San Francisco, and the epidemic has just begun. With his bright yellow Walkman clipped on his belt, Frankie retreats into a music-filled trance.


By Kate Morris

Lines of Flight


By Kate Morris

Patricia Beatty’s Slow Words Dancing

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