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Kate Cornell


Kate Cornell, PhD is a writer, teacher, historian and mom. Kate is working on a new book called Why Parents Should Fight for Arts Education. 

Kate Cornell's Work

Photo courtesy of Kate Cornell

The Politics of Dance

The current moment of arts advocacy at the federal level By Kate Cornell

Ten years ago, in the Summer 2007 issue, Shannon Litzenberger, then executive director of the Canadian Dance Assembly, wrote a column about the dance community and the federal government, “Coping with the Conservatives: CDA reflects on a year of cultural policy under Canada’s new government.” The Dance Current asked current executive director Kate Cornell to comment on the changes over the past decade and the relationship with the Trudeau Liberal government.

The Politics of Dance

By Kate Cornell

Kate Cornell, executive director of Canadian Dance Assembly and co-chair of the Canadian Arts Coalition, discusses arts advocacy in the current political moment.

Inspired List

National Youth Ambassador for Dance Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli By Kate Cornell

Not Your Average Dance Conference

CDA National Conference Sept. 23-25, 2010 By Kate Cornell

It was no coincidence that the Canadian Dance Assembly’s (CDA) conference happened at the National Ballet School in Toronto during Culture Days.

Dancing in School

Ontario's New Elementary Dance Curriculum By Kate Cornell

As of 2010, dance and drama will be evaluated separately on report cards in Ontario public schools, and this is making some elementary classroom teachers nervous. A new arts curriculum, introduced in 2009, goes some distance in alleviating teacher anxiety.

On screen

By Kate Cornell

40 Years of One Night Stands: a new film about the Royal Winnipeg Ballet

Three Women’s Voices

By Philip Szporer, Kate Cornell

Excerpts from the Canada Dance Festival: Ottawa: June 2004 (Chrysalis by Chick Snipper for Danstabat by Philip Szporer; The Stolen Show by Crystal Pite for Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal: by Philip Szporer; Lustrale by Anik Bouvrette by Katherine Cornell)


Patchwork but Persistent 

By Philip Szporer, Kaija Pepper, Kate Cornell, Bridget Cauthery, Marie Claire Forté Canada Dance Festival 2004  Canada Dance Festival

It’s been a rough road for the Canada Dance Festival this year, first facing funding shortfalls, and subsequently narrowing the programming to fourteen performances, down from thirty-one two years ago. Organizers of the tenth edition, not willing to relinquish much else, splashed the slogan “Dare to turn up the heat” in riposte. 

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