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Kaija Pepper writes for several publications, including The Globe and Mail. The Man Next Door Dances: The Art of Peter Bingham, her third dance history book, was a finalist for the 2008 City of Vancouver Book Award. She enjoys teaching writing at SFU’s School for the Contemporary Arts. | Kaija Pepper [rédactrice invitée, rédactrice adjointe des critiques] écrit pour plusieurs publications, y compris The Globe and Mail. The Man Next Door Dances: The Art of Peter Bingham, son troisième livre d’histoire de danse, a été finaliste pour le prix du livre 2008 de la Ville de Vancouver. Elle aime bien enseigner la rédaction à la School for the Contemporary Arts de l’Université Simon Fraser. 

Kaija Pepper's Work


A Troubling Beauty 

By Megan Andrews, Kaija Pepper Abattoir Kaeja d'Dance

A cross-country conversation between Kaija Pepper and Megan Andrews about the premiere of Karen and Allen Kaeja’s Abattoir. 


The Refreshing Baroque 

By Kaija Pepper “Timber/Timbre” Joe Laughlin

It’s nice to be surprised by an evening of dance, though the more you see, of course, the less likely that is to happen. “Timber/Timbre”, by Joe Ink company’s Joe Laughlin, looked set to be a quiet trio, and there was little fanfare preceding its premiere midway through the Vancouver International Dance Festival.  


M.Talk.2: a conversation between critics 

By Kaija Pepper, Philip Szporer M.Body.7 Margie Gillis

Writers Philip Szporer from Montréal and Kaija Pepper from Vancouver both saw M.Body.7 in their respective cities. Here, they compare their notes.


Creating a Sense of Occasion 

By Kaija Pepper “The Four Seasons” John Alleyne, Ballet British Columbia

Ballet British Columbia was once a serious little company that prided itself on its spare black-on-black repertoire, but these days it aims to create a friendlier sense of theatrical occasion.  

Making Waves

By Kaija Pepper

Sven Johanasson's adventures in gravity-free dance

A troubling beauty

By Kaija Pepper, Megan Andrews

Abattoir by Kaeja d’Dance: Vancouver: March 19-20 and Toronto March 25-29, 200)

Creating a Sense of Occasion

By Kaija Pepper

The Four Seasons by John Alleyne, Ballet British Columbia: Vancouver: February 14-16, 2008


By Philip Szporer, Kaija Pepper

M.Body.7 by Margie Gillis: Montréal: February 29-March 1, 2008 and Vancouver: March 14-15, 2008

The Refreshing Baroque

By Kaija Pepper

Timber/Timbre by Joe Laughlin, Joe Ink: Vancouver: March 14-17, 2008


Edges of Darkness 

By Kaija Pepper, Megan Andrews “Manga” Serge Bennathan

What would it be like to inhabit the world of manga, the Japanese cartoon art form that fills its pages with forceful depictions of energy and stillness in characters whose emotions tend toward epic proportions? “Manga”, Serge Bennathan’s full-length duet, goes some way to answering that question through transforming those one-dimensional, black and white drawings into real-world – although admittedly highly abstract – modern dance.

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