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Kaija Pepper writes for several publications, including The Globe and Mail. The Man Next Door Dances: The Art of Peter Bingham, her third dance history book, was a finalist for the 2008 City of Vancouver Book Award. She enjoys teaching writing at SFU’s School for the Contemporary Arts. | Kaija Pepper [rédactrice invitée, rédactrice adjointe des critiques] écrit pour plusieurs publications, y compris The Globe and Mail. The Man Next Door Dances: The Art of Peter Bingham, son troisième livre d’histoire de danse, a été finaliste pour le prix du livre 2008 de la Ville de Vancouver. Elle aime bien enseigner la rédaction à la School for the Contemporary Arts de l’Université Simon Fraser. 

Kaija Pepper's Work


West Coast Summer Dance 

By Kaija Pepper, Rob Kitsos Dancing on the Edge 2009  Dancing on the Edge

For dance artists in Vancouver, Dancing on the Edge is a destination.  


A Month of Dance in Vancouver 

By Rob Kitsos, Kaija Pepper Vancouver International Dance Festival  Vancouver International Dance Festival 

“Looking back over the month-long Vancouver International Dance Festival (VIDF), produced by Kokoro Dance Artistic Directors Barbara Bourget and Jay Hirabayashi, my strongest memory is of having a lot of fun,” says Kaija Pepper. 

Making Ballet in Troubled Times 

By Kaija Pepper “Adam and Eve and Steve (The Goldberg Variations, Side 2)” James Kudelka, Ballet BC

The title of James Kudelka’s new work for Ballet British Columbia varies. On the program cover and in publicity it’s “The Goldberg Variations – Side 2: Adam and Eve and Steve”. Inside the program, it was printed the way Kudelka told me he wanted it when we spoke one afternoon after a rehearsal: “Adam and Eve and Steve (The Goldberg Variations, Side 2).”  


Beyond One Man’s Story 

By Kaija Pepper “Cock-Pit” Wen Wei Dance

There’s a lot of biography behind Wen Wei Wang’s new seventy-minute work, “Cock-Pit”, but if you hadn’t been told, you wouldn’t know it.


Once Upon an Ultra-Modern Time 

By Kaija Pepper “Relâche!” Turning Point Ensemble

“Relâche”, which means “Theatre Closed” or “No Performance”, is one of those avant-garde ballets posterity loves to remember.  

Beyond one man’s story

By Kaija Pepper

Cock-Pit by Wen Wei Dance: Vancouver: February 24-28, 2009

A Month of Dance in Vancouver

By Kaija Pepper, Rob Kitsos

Vancouver International Dance Festival: March 3-April 4, 2009

Responding to Risk: A Dialogue 

By Kaija Pepper, Mary Theresa Kelly “Risk” Amber Funk Barton, the response.

Kaija Pepper and Mary Theresa Kelly exchange views on Funk Barton’s latest work. 


Asking the Why of “WhaT,?” 

By Kaija Pepper “WhaT,?” Jennifer Mascall, Ron Stewart

Just a few minutes in, I actually felt dizzy watching Ron Stewart in “WhaT,?”, a full-length solo in which he careens about the stage in an endless stream of giddiness choreographed by Jennifer Mascall, a Vancouver Body-Mind Centering practitioner who has been making dance since the seventies.


A Flamenco Memoir 

By Kaija Pepper “‘Mis Hermanas’: Thicker than water: My Sisters and I” Rosario Ancer

Rosario Ancer, artistic director of Flamenco Rosario, is Vancouver’s flamenco diva, and the ninety-minute show is half voice-over memoir and half – the best part – dance.

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