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Kaija Pepper writes for several publications, including The Globe and Mail. The Man Next Door Dances: The Art of Peter Bingham, her third dance history book, was a finalist for the 2008 City of Vancouver Book Award. She enjoys teaching writing at SFU’s School for the Contemporary Arts. | Kaija Pepper [rédactrice invitée, rédactrice adjointe des critiques] écrit pour plusieurs publications, y compris The Globe and Mail. The Man Next Door Dances: The Art of Peter Bingham, son troisième livre d’histoire de danse, a été finaliste pour le prix du livre 2008 de la Ville de Vancouver. Elle aime bien enseigner la rédaction à la School for the Contemporary Arts de l’Université Simon Fraser. 

Kaija Pepper's Work


Secretly, a Sisterhood of Wilis 

By Kaija Pepper Elles Serge Bennathan

A bold sketch of fierce arms and low, lusty lunges, Serge Bennathan’s Elles is the fourth dance work to win the Rio Tinto Alcan Performing Arts Award over the last dozen years (the prize alternates with theatre and music).  


The Kiss of a Drunk Dog and Other Inspirations for Dance 

By Kaija Pepper Chutzpah! Festival  Aszure Barton, Barak Marshall, Noam Gagnon & Various

More than ever before, dance companies are international microcosms, a fact driven home during the Chutzpah! Festival’s presentation of Noord Nederlandse Dans (NND), a fifteen-year-old group from Groningen, Holland. 


Kaleidoscopes that Keep on Turning 

By Kaija Pepper The TCP Show: tripping. closely. perception.   The Contingency Plan

Everybody likes a good story. The world of dance continues to be drawn to narrative, with some amount of onstage text, recorded or spoken live, almost becoming a fixture of the art form.  

Making Waves

By Kaija Pepper

Vancouver’s Meredith Kalaman

Short Waves

By Kaija Pepper, Jacqueline Hansen, Samantha Mehra

Farewell to Writer Leland Windreich (1926-2012); 2012 Walter Carsen Award to Menaka Thakkar; Ballet BC’s New Executive Director Branislav Henselmann

Smooth Mover

Vancouver’s Josh Martin, with (and without) The 605 Collective By Kaija Pepper

Independent dance artist and team player both, Josh Martin is a rising star. He’ll be dancing across the country this summer with The 605 Collective and is set to work with an impressive roster of senior choreographers as the year progresses.


A Retro Night Out 

By Kaija Pepper Ballet Rocks – From Bach to Pink Floyd Ballet Victoria

Ballet Victoria’s one-night-only appearance at North Vancouver’s Centennial Theatre drew a good crowd for a mixed bill mostly of premieres to music by Bach (the first half) and Pink Floyd (the second).  


Smart and Edgy, Brash and Hopeful 

By Kaija Pepper Dancing on the Edge  Dancing on the Edge 

Every Dancing on the Edge Festival needs at least one really edgy show to justify the festival’s name, and this twenty-third edition had two.


Short Stories about Me (and You) 

By Kaija Pepper The You Show Kidd Pivot Frankfurt RM

Story ballets have been around a long time, and at their best they combine compelling characters with just the right amount of plot – not so much that you need to memorize a libretto beforehand, but enough to provide a clear arc of action.

Diving into Dance

A Critic's Manifesto By Kaija Pepper

As a critic, I tend not to reflect on my work: I guess I'm too busy pondering the dance I write about.

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