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Kaija Pepper writes for several publications, including The Globe and Mail. The Man Next Door Dances: The Art of Peter Bingham, her third dance history book, was a finalist for the 2008 City of Vancouver Book Award. She enjoys teaching writing at SFU’s School for the Contemporary Arts. | Kaija Pepper [rédactrice invitée, rédactrice adjointe des critiques] écrit pour plusieurs publications, y compris The Globe and Mail. The Man Next Door Dances: The Art of Peter Bingham, son troisième livre d’histoire de danse, a été finaliste pour le prix du livre 2008 de la Ville de Vancouver. Elle aime bien enseigner la rédaction à la School for the Contemporary Arts de l’Université Simon Fraser. 

Kaija Pepper's Work

Confluences – On the Page and On the Screen

By Kaija Pepper

Inside Rosas danst Rosas


About a girl and two guys

By Kaija Pepper Giselle José Navas / Ballet BC

The dancers of Ballet BC were like racehorses champing at the bit as they roared through Giselle, by outgoing resident choreographer José Navas.


Butoh and Beyond

By Kaija Pepper Vancouver International Dance Festival

The roots of the thirteen-year-old Vancouver International Dance Festival (VIDF), produced by Kokoro Dance, are in butoh. Review by Kaija Pepper.


Crazy Conservative

By Kaija Pepper Soto, Millepied and Marshall BJM Danse

There’s been a buzz around BJM, as Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal is known, under Louis Robitaille’s direction. The “jazzing up” goes beyond classical ballet: as in many contemporary companies, BJM dancers work with choreographers from around the world whose movement vocabularies are wide. The three pieces presented on a recent visit to Vancouver, part of BJM’s 40th anniversary season, showcase that range.


Super Busy Men in Suits 

By Kaija Pepper Karoshi [death by overwork] Shay Kuebler

Kuebler likes to have fun, in conversation and also on stage, where his embellishments – his dancer’s bag of tricks – continually break the solemn trajectory.


“All torment, trouble, wonder and amazement” 

By Kaija Pepper The Tempest Replica Crystal Pite and Kidd Pivot

Choreographer Crystal Pite’s The Tempest Replica is a splendid storm-tossed tale of magic, disaster and only partial redemption.


Canada’s Fabulous Flamencos 

By Kaija Pepper Vancouver International Flamenco Festival  Flamenco Rosario, Fiona Malena, Myriam Allard & Various

The roll call for the two mixed bills at the 23rd Vancouver International Flamenco Festival on September 20th and 21st at the Waterfront Theatre was made up of a cross-section of Canadian women.

Leland Windreich (1926-2012)

Leland Windreich – a rare breed of writer who established himself as an important dance historian and critic – uncovered one of Ca…


The Dedication of "Edgers" 

By Kaija Pepper, Mary Theresa Kelly, Lori Henry, Pia Lo Dancing on the Edge  605 Collective, Robin Poitras, Troy Emery Twigg, Helen Husak, Deborah Dunn, Meredith Kalaman, Sophie Yendole & Various

Dancing on the Edge began at the same time as the west coast summer, but dance held its own next to the sun and houses were good – not full, but bustling.


Collaborate or Perish 

By Kathleen Smith, Philip Szporer, Megan Andrews, Kaija Pepper Festival TransAmériques 2012 ROSAS, Anne-Teresa de Keersmaeker, Clara Furey & Benoît Lachambre, Animals of Distinction, Le Carré des Lombes, Mélanie Demers

Against a backdrop of daily student protests and nightly casseroles gatherings, the sixth edition of the Festival TransAmériques (FTA) unfurled recently at various downtown Montréal venues.

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