Julye Huggins


Julye Huggins is a creative “think-tank”, doer-of-many-things, wannabe dance artist, originally from Sudbury, Ontario. She is a Certified Movement Analyst and is currently pursuing a PhD in dance studies at York University. 

Starting in September 2009, Julye contributed daily video content to The Dance Current, researching and writing about a broad range of Canadian dance activities. Formerly hosted at dancepassport.ca (2008-2013), the video blog boasted over 1100 pieces in five years, championing an ever-inclusive scope of “Dance in Canada”. Julye was Video Blogger for The Dance Current from September 2009 through June 2013.


Julye Huggins' Work

Boris Charmatz

Running May 30th and 31st at the Festival TransAmériques, Boris Charmatz presents Levée des Conflits, a spiraling choreographic canon, repeating and accelerating.

Marie Chouinard

More from the Festival Transamériques, Marie Chouinard's In Museum offers an intimate connnection with the artist at the Museum of Fine Arts, May 25th and 26th.

Robyn Orlin and Moving Into Dance Mophatong

The Festival TransAmériques is set to present Beauty remained for just a moment then returned gently to her starting position... by choreographer Robyn Orlin, May 23rd and 24th.

O Vertigo's Khaos

Finally coming to Montréal, Ginette Laurin's frantic and chaotic work Khaos is featured at the Festival TransAmériques, with shows June 4th and 5th.

Bollywood Dance Canada

Bollywood Dance Canada is now accepting submissions for its upcoming competition on August 10th, featuring top Canadian and American teams.

Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Teams

The success of 2011 dance pop single Call Me Maybe, by Canadian singer-songwriter Carly Rae Jepsen, took a wild creative turn into meme status on YouTube.

Old and Young and Reckless Together

This 29th edition of Older & Reckless is pitched as Old and Young and Reckless Together, pairing mature artists over 45 with younger counterparts for a program of intergenerational works, running May 16th through 18th in Toronto.

Flight Distance III: Chain Suite

Tangente in Montréal presents the mixed program Danse X, running May 17th though 19th and featuring works by Helen Simoneau (Montréal), Teita Iwabuchi & Kaori Seki (Japan) and Su Hyun Kim (South Korea).

Assemblée Internationale 2013

From April 28th through May 4th, Assemblée Internationale 2013 welcomed students and artistic staff from eighteen international professional ballet schools to Canada's National Ballet School (NBS).

Real Smooth Moves

McDonalds Canada presents a series of five videos featuring "real smooth moves" to pair with their McCafé fruit smoothies.

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