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John Nyman

Emerging Arts Critics Programme Contributor

John Nyman is a poet, critic and scholar from Toronto. Though a newcomer to dance, John is deeply interested in the role of critical discourse across the arts; he has reviewed literature for publications including Broken Pencil and The Puritan, as well as visual art for Peripheral Review. In 2018, John completed a PhD in Theory and Criticism at Western University, where he researched post-structuralist philosophy and experimental poetry. John’s literary publications include a full-length collection of poetry, Players; a manifesto chapbook, “Slogan, Substance, Dream: keywords for a responsible poetry”; a collaborative project with PS Guelph and the &, poetry collective; and appearances in Canadian and international literary journals including The Malahat ReviewHamilton Arts & LettersCarousel, and Rampike.

John Nyman's Work

Emerging Arts Critics Programme

From Act to Imagination

By John Nyman

The Dream and Being and Nothingness, though incongruous, achieved an expansive and satisfying unity: the two works presented equally compelling visions of human experience.