Jessica Alley

Former Intern

Jessica Alley grew up in Nova Scotia dancing competitively in jazz, tap, lyrical and ballet. After obtaining a B.A. in English Literature from Mount St. Vincent University, she moved to Montreal where she’s enjoyed the abundance of art, theatre and dance that permeates this vibrant city. Her interest in contemporary dance led her to Berlin last fall to participate in SMASH, a physical performance intensive rooted in Berlin’s contemporary dance community. With future plans to pursue more contemporary training, Jessica currently takes theatre classes at Concordia University, tap dances as her character Zelda Blue and is delighted to be an editorial intern at The Dance Current.

Jessica was an intern with The Dance Current between September 2014 through August 2015.

Jessica Alley 's Work

Schizes sur le sundae

Schizes sur le sundae is a collaboratively created work by Catherine Lavoie-Marcus and Michel F Côté, with the help of interpreters Kelly Keenan, Lael Stellick and Magali Stoll.

Good Fortune Drinks Too Much

Collective members Mike Czuba, Melissa Tuplin, Nathaniel Schmidt and Larry Lamont are more than just performers, they’re scientists who research, explore and deconstruct theatre, challenge aesthetics on a visceral scale, bridge artistic communities and create new works through interdisciplinary collaborations.

Closer, Kosmos and Harry

To watch Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal perform is to better understand the tireless athleticism and skill that high-voltage contemporary ballet demands.

Dancing Paper Cranes

In the animal kingdom, cranes are famous for their elegant and sophisticated dance rituals … but these origami cranes really know how to let loose.

f.stop / let the light in by Alias Dance Project

A body lies curled on her side in the corner of an all-white room and begins violently twitching–a scene from f.stop / let the light in by Alias Dance Project for an upcoming show featuring original and remounted work.

Is This Love

A crowd of youth cheer on Keone and Mariel Madrid as they hobble across the floor in character and break into their quirky-cool dance to this Bob Marley classic.


Ora is a ground-breaking collaboration between several Montréal-based artists using 3D thermal imaging to create revolutionary visuals through body heat.

Le Chemin des Passes-dangereuses

Director and choreographer Menka Nagrani brings contemporary dance, theatre, aerobics and percussive dance together in her interdisciplinary adaptation of Le Chemin des Passes-dangereuses.

Love is ...

Love … is a myriad of meaning.


RQD Elects New President

On October 27, the dance advocacy association Regroupement Québécois de la danse (RQD) announced Harold Rhéaume, choreographer and artistic director of Le Fils d’Adrien danse, as their new president.