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Jennifer Bolt is a Toronto-based freelance dance artist, writer, researcher and educator. She is the founder of PRIMED for Life Educational Consulting. PRIMED delivers customized, student-centered retention plans for performing arts institutions. Clients include Randolph College for the Preforming Arts and the York University’s School of Arts, Media Performance and Design. Based on her research of student transition, the PRIMED pedagogical model has garnered the attention of the performing arts, athletic and veteran communities. An overview of PRIMED pedagogy was presented at the First International Symposium for Dancer and Well-Being in Montreal in May and again at Peggy Baker’s Dance Educator’s Series in August, 2018. Jennifer is also Adjunct Faculty at York University where she teaches contemporary ballet and dance pedagogy to dance majors in both the School of Arts, Media Performance and Design and the Faculty of Education.


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Diving Deeper

By Jennifer Bolt

In The Dance Current’s July/August 2018 issue Jennifer Bolt wrote about designing a feminist dance pedagogy (“Diving In”). As a continuation of this article, here are some practical tips for how to enact these principles in your teaching practice.


Diving In By Jennifer Bolt

A manifesto for a feminist pedagogy in dance

Getting Together to Dance

By Jennifer Bolt

The Canadian Tradition of Dance Festivals