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Dance Criticism: Perceptions, Challenges and the Future

Excerpts from our panel featuring dance artists Jera Wolfe and Nova Bhattacharya and critics Jenna Shummoogum and Deirdre Kelly By Jera Wolfe, Nova Bhattacharya, Jenna Shummoogum, Deirdre Kelly, Timea Wharton-Suri

Part of a three-part series that rolled out across print, radio and online in collaboration with Turnout Radio, this conversation looks at the politics surrounding dance criticism and how it impacts dance artists, dance critics and audience members.


The Coming Silence Is a Wild Ride

kloetzel&co.’s self-guided tour presents a wilderness that is threatened by extinction By Jenna Shummoogum

A performance centred on extinction, The Coming Silence interprets humanity’s place in the wilderness of today.


Decidedly Jazz Danceworks’ Drive-In Show Is an Innovative Pandemic Performance

There is something in the details closes tonight By Jenna Shummoogum

Decidedly Jazz Danceworks’ There is something in the details takes place through the windows of the company’s building. Music and voice-overs stream through a radio frequency that you can access in your car. Every vehicle is parked on an angle so that each cohort can have the best sightlines, and instead of applause, people honk their horns in appreciation. This is pandemic performance.