Janet Smith


Janet Smith is a dance writer and arts editor for The Georgia Straight, Vancouver’s weekly urban newspaper, and has been covering the arts on the West Coast for more than twenty years. Her first taste of dance came at five years old in a small ballet studio in Kitchener, Ont. She later graduated from Carleton University with a specialty in arts reporting – a novelty in Ottawa where training for political and business reporting was the focus. These days she stays busy seeing, sometimes, three dance shows a week in Vancouver’s thriving arts and festival scene. She is also a travel addict, often leaving her East Vancouver heritage house for treks with her husband and two boys.

Janet Smith's Work

Hard Art

Unpacking Contemporary Performance By Philip Szporer, Janet Smith

Today’s dance practice is hugely varied – it takes inspiration from other arts, plays with developments in science and technology, embodies modes of existence that are mundane and pushes through complex philosophical and cultural thinking that is happening today. Making sense of these variable practices can be bewildering for anyone, but what do critics do when faced with unwieldy presentations? Smith and Szporer attempt a few answers, providing different ways of thinking about and experiencing contemporary performance.