Jane Marsland


Jane Marsland has been an articulate advocate for the arts for many years. She is currently serving on the board of the Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts. Marsland was general manager of the Danny Grossman Dance Company from 1982 to 1999. In 1995, she receied the first M. Joan Chalmers Award for Arts Administration for outstanding leadership in the arts.  

Jane Marsland's Work

Should you incorporate?

not-for-profit practicalities By Jane Marsland

Deciding whether or not to incorporate as a not-for-profit entity involves a process of reflecting on the big picture, considering the practicalities and understanding the responsibilities. Here, arts consultant Jane Marsland offers her perspective on issues including funding, copyright, leadership and accountability.

Succession Planning

An Eye to the Future By Jane Marsland

With many Canadian dance organizations approaching their twenty-fifth and thirtieth anniversaries, the community has entered a new stage of development. Legacy and succession have become important issues and organizations are being required to articulate their plans for the future. Here are some recommendations to guide you.

Organizational Health

creativity, communication & relationships By Jane Marsland

How can we understand the board-staff structure in a creative arts organization? Contrary to popular belief, a non-hierarchical relationship can be developed based on interaction and shared understanding.