Imogen Whyte


Imogen Whyte* [guest writer] is a practicing Reflexologist and serious “living-room” dancer. Working also in adagio-like increments as an artist’s model, she likes to practice her steps in a variety of media, including writing and painting. Born in England, she has lived and danced in several Canadian locales and currently resides in Vancouver. 

Imogen Whyte 's Work


Different Lenses, Different Views 

By Imogen Whyte , Mary Theresa Kelly Dancing on the Edge Festival 2006  Dancing on the Edge Festival

This year audiences strayed far and wide at Vancouver’s Dancing on the Edge Festival, where the action drifted beyond the festival’s usual haven, that beloved brick building known as the Firehall Arts Centre in Vancouver’s downtown eastside.  

An Intimate Cyclone

Anne Cooper & Jennifer Clarke By Imogen Whyte , Mary Theresa Kelly

In a small café bar in downtown Vancouver, dancers Anne Cooper and Jennifer Clarke improvise to the sounds of live trumpet and guitar. Writers Imogen Whyte and Mary Kelly are in the audience. Afterward, the four of them discuss the performance.


What we said about she said By Imogen Whyte , Mary Theresa Kelly

She said, a new work by Vancouver choreographer Alvin Tolentino for his company Erasga, explores the feminine in a layered, multimedia context. Writers Imogen Whyte and Mary Kelly immersed themselves in the work, absorbing and questioning its meaning(s). Here, they reflect and discuss their experience with interjections and responses from Tolentino.

Social Studies

Light and the dancing body By Imogen Whyte

Contemporary lighting design has reached a degree of technical evolution where, far from simply illuminating the performers, it is now able to animate and manipulate the story itself. Now we can fill a blackened room with suns, stars and spotlights of our own creation.

In the Making

By Imogen Whyte

Reverberations from the Echo Case: a pentalogue


TRIALOGUE: Tap Dancing Swans and Other Signs of Intelligent Life 

By Imogen Whyte , Mary Theresa Kelly Uncollected Work Crystal Pite, Kidd Pivot

Crystal Pite’s new show Uncollected Work, by Pite’s recently formed modern dance company Kidd Pivot, is presented in two parts and bravely adopts the notion of the creative process as thematic material.


By Imogen Whyte

Cori Caulfield: Mastering her Self-Portrait

In the Making

By Imogen Whyte

At Home Beyond the Walls: Jennifer Mascall