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Hugh Conacher is a lighting and media designer and photographer specializing in dance. He is based in Winnipeg. HughConacher.com 

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Jolene Bailie: Sensory Life, Infinite World

By Megan Andrews, Hugh Conacher

Since graduating from The School of Contemporary Dancers and The University of Winnipeg in 2000, Jolene Bailie, artistic director of Gearshifting Performance Works, has self-presented and produced over 250 solo shows, six cross-Canada tours and numerous smaller tours; re-mounted fourteen works by senior choreographers; commissioned eight new works; collaborated on several dance-based video projects; and created one evening-length solo work, eight works for pre-professional students and over 125 dances for schools.

Jolene Bailie

Sensory Life, Infinite World By Hugh Conacher, Megan Andrews

An ambitious solo artist, Winnipeg’s Jolene Bailie has recently begun to create ensemble pieces. Here she shares insights into her artistic development and creative process.