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Holly Harris is a Winnipeg-based dance writer and composer who has worked across Canada with various choreographers including Rachel Browne, Ruth Cansfield, Gaile Petursson-Hiley, Karen Kuzak, Katherine Labelle and Sharon B. Moore. In addition to The Dance Current, she also writes for Dance International and reviews dance, opera and classical music for the Winnipeg Free Press and Opera Canada. When we asked what keeps her writing about dance, she told us: “As a dance composer, I was privileged to be intimately involved in the process of making dance. As a dance writer, I am still intensely involved with the art form, but from a different perspective. It’s a joy to step inside so many wonderful dance artists’ worlds and discover what drives them to create.”

Holly Harris' Work

Resonant and restless voices

By Holly Harris

Sauti by NAfro Dance Productions: Winnipeg: October 23-26, 2008


Resonant and Restless Voices 

By Holly Harris “Sauti” NAfro Dance Productions

Voice – the elusive quality that speaks volumes about subjective artistic experience – took centre stage at The Gas Station Theatre as NAfro Dance Productions opened its fusion-based, African contemporary dance season with “Sauti”. 


Creative Risk-Takers 

By Holly Harris Brown and Burpee Mixed Program Rachel Browne, Susie Burpee, Winnipeg's Contemporary Dancers

It seems only fitting that the inaugural show at Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers (WCD) newly re-christened theatre should honour the company’s founder, Rachel Browne, CM, with a rare performance by the Canadian living dance legend. 


Witnessing Moments 

By Holly Harris “Struck” Brent Lott, Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers  

“Struck”, Artistic Director Brent Lott’s new work for Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers (WCD), examines the power of the “aha”: those random flashes of insight in which – if you’re lucky – you suddenly gain wisdom about past events or choices you have made in life.  

Witnessing Moments

By Holly Harris

Struck by Brent Lott, Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers: Winnipeg: March 6-8, 2008

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