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Holly Harris is a Winnipeg-based dance writer and composer who has worked across Canada with various choreographers including Rachel Browne, Ruth Cansfield, Gaile Petursson-Hiley, Karen Kuzak, Katherine Labelle and Sharon B. Moore. In addition to The Dance Current, she also writes for Dance International and reviews dance, opera and classical music for the Winnipeg Free Press and Opera Canada. When we asked what keeps her writing about dance, she told us: “As a dance composer, I was privileged to be intimately involved in the process of making dance. As a dance writer, I am still intensely involved with the art form, but from a different perspective. It’s a joy to step inside so many wonderful dance artists’ worlds and discover what drives them to create.”

Holly Harris' Work


No Holds Barred

Gearshifting Performance Works’ Phase Wash By Holly Harris

In her latest creation, Jolene Bailie once again turns to the abstract world, with her all-local eight dancer ensemble.

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A Broad Reach

By Holly Harris

In just five short years, the now fifteen-year-old NAfro Dance Productions has made another leap in its own evolution as Western Canada’s African contemporary dance company. The second international Moving Inspirations Dance Festival once again brought the world to Winnipeg, while also proudly celebrating local dance artists who call the Prairie province home.


Funhouse Benediction

Tanja Faylene Woloshen’s Holy Wild By Holly Harris

Winnipeg-based contemporary dance artists Tanja Faylene Woloshen and Lise McMillan presented Holy Wild, a surrealistic walk on the wild side inspired by nature and siren calls to freedom.

Roots and Wings

By Holly Harris

Now celebrating his twelfth year as artistic director of Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers (WCD), Brent Lott has brought his wealth of experience working with other significant Canadian artists to the Prairies. At WCD, Lott celebrates Winnipeg’s dance roots while lifting up a new generation of dancers.


Four Portraits of a Young Woman

Kathleen Hiley Solo Projects By Holly Harris Kathleen Hiley Solo Projects

The eclectic program featured three commissioned world premieres by Montréal soloist Margie Gillis, Winnipeg-based choreographers Peter Quanz and Hiley’s mother, Gaile Petursson-Hiley, as well as a signature work by acclaimed dance artist Stephanie Ballard.


Eat All You Want/The Top?

Gearshifting Performance Works By Holly Harris Eat All You Want/The Top?

In her latest offering, the cryptically titled Eat All You Want/The Top?, Jolene Bailie invites her viewers to step into a cake-fuelled world straddling both theatre and dance.


Prairie Fire and Ice

The Prairie Dance Circuit in Winnipeg By Holly Harris Prairie Dance Circuit

For the past four years, the Prairie Dance Circuit (PDC) has boldly tackled the question of whether a particular aesthetic unique to Canada’s flatlands exists – or not.

A Ballerina in Three Acts

Sophia Lee Revealed By Holly Harris


An Audience with Lila York

Choreographer of RWB's The Handmaid's Tale By Holly Harris

Celebrated American choreographer Lila York arrived in Winnipeg this fall to stage The Handmaid’s Tale for Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet (it opens in Winnipeg on October 16). Holly Harris chatted with her about women’s rights, the challenges of transforming words into movement and what she learned during her twelve-year tenure with Paul Taylor.


By Holly Harris

Lila York

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