Gregory C. Beatty


Greg Beatty is a freelance art/culture critic and journalist based in Regina. While his primary area of interest is visual art, he enjoys writing on a variety of artistic disciplines - literature, theatre, dance, music, film. He also appreciates the opportunity to write on subjects outside the arts.Treeplanting and glo-bowling being two recent examples. 

Gregory C. Beatty's Work


Ancient Behaviour 

By Gregory C. Beatty “Herding Instinct” Karen Kuzak, TRIP Dance

In choreographing “Herding Instinct”, Karen Kuzak, artistic director of Winnipeg’s TRIP Dance, took inspiration from an unlikely source – her six-year-old border collie Ben. Or, more accurately, the competitions she and Ben have participated in where teams of two dogs and their master work to control a flock of sheep.  


Bringing the Outside In 

By Gregory C. Beatty “the Weathering Suite” Davida Monk, M-Body

Choreographed by Davida Monk for her Calgary-based dance company M-Body, “the Weathering Suite” arrived in Regina at a curious moment. The UN was in the process of releasing a long-awaited report on climate change; Al Gore and Inuit environmentalist Sheila Watt-Cloutier had just been nominated for the Nobel Peace prize; and in Canada, the environment, and climate change in particular, had become the hot-button political issue.  


Acknowledging Age 

By Gregory C. Beatty “REDD” Tedd Robinson

One of the biggest mantras for business strategists and other motivational types is the idea that it’s better to initiate change than to have change thrust upon you. For most of his career, Ottawa-based performer Tedd Robinson has been an initiator of change.  


Contemporary Connections: Dance and Nature 

By Gregory C. Beatty Indigenous Dancelands Anthony Dieter, Gaetan Gingras, Byron Chief-Moon, Karen Jamieson, Santee Smith

Presented by New Dance Horizons (Regina), Peterborough New Dance and Tangente (Montréal) under the auspices of CanDance Network, Indigenous Dancelands offered a fascinating amalgam of traditional First Nations and contemporary Western dance practices. Featured was the premiere of Saskatchewan-based filmmaker Anthony Dieter’s Show-Down; Manitowapan by Montréal-based choreographer Gaetan Gingras; Elmer and Coyote, which was co-choreographed by Byron Chief-Moon (Alberta) and Karen Jamieson (British Columbia); and an excerpt from Ontario dance artist Santee Smith’s Kaha-Wi.  


Satire and Celebration 

By Gregory C. Beatty Stream of Dance Biennale Thomas Lehmen, Tania Alvarado  

Intended by New Dance Horizons as a companion event that will run every second year in place of its more expansive Stream of Dance Festival, this Biennale featured performances by two guest artists: Guatamalan-born, Edmonton-based Tania Alvarado (“Still”); and Thomas Lehmen (“mono subjects”) whose touring company hails from Berlin. As originally commissioned, this review was to focus on “Still”. But as I organized my thoughts in preparation for writing, I was struck by both the parallels and disjunctions between Alvarado and Lehmen’s works.  


Tandem Images 

By Gregory C. Beatty Rêve à deux: Mascall & Chase for Poitras & Stewart  Jennifer Mascall, Robin Poitras, Ron Stewart, Sarah Chase

Probably the most famous couple in dance history is Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. While not as well-known as them, Robin Poitras and Ron Stewart – she of Regina, he of Vancouver – have a history of dancing together that dates back to 1998, when Montréal choreographer Bill Coleman teamed them in “Zurich 1916”.  

Language of Dance

By Gregory C. Beatty

Stream of Dance Festival: Regina: April 23-26 2003: Sign Language by Denise Clarke; Mon Corps Sage, Mon Âme Rouillée: Première Étude by Patricia Colber-Houle; Tesselation by Meredith Larocque; Home? by Jackie Latendresse; Element: Fire (excerpt from Medicine Wheel) by Rosa Mirijello-Haynes; Entwined [City Dance Centre]; Certainties II: Have We Met? by Corrine Harle; ISKWEW by Geraldine Manossa; The Crying Dance by Krista Solheim; When a Person Enters a Structure by Susan Elliott; Fuse, Burnt Norton, and The Birds is Coming by Deborah Dunn; Barbara Chlopan; Sky Dancer by Anthony Dieter; Black Angels by Ruth Cansfield Dance; Triptych by Connie Moker Wernikowski; Sunstorm by Rachel Browne; George by Stephanie Ballard

Language of Dance 

By Gregory C. Beatty Stream of Dance Festival  Stream of Dance Festival

Since its founding in 1986, New Dance Horizons has gained strength with each passing year. In 2002, it took its most ambitious step yet, organizing and presenting Stream of Dance, a three-day festival devoted to prairie dance.