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Grace Wells-Smith (she/her) is a Toronto-based arts journalist. In addition to The Dance Current, her work has been published by CBC, Toronto StarIntermission, Saltwire Network and the Ryerson Review of Journalism. She has produced two dance films: Our Place in the Wasteland (2016, New Blue Dance) and Glitch (2017, Mile Zero Dance, New Blue Dance, dance : made in canada/fait au canada). 

Wells-Smith holds a Master of Journalism from X University, a BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography from York University and has also completed an internship with CBC’s investigative unit. 

Soon after graduating from York, she began an internship with The Dance Current and subsequently completed the Emerging Dance Critics Programme run in partnership with The National Ballet of Canada. 

Wells-Smith was an intern with The Dance Current from June 2015 to December 2016.  

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By Grace Wells-Smith


Hope Muir Announced as New Artistic Director of The National Ballet of Canada

Muir is now the fifth female artistic director succeeding Celia Franca (the company’s founder), Valerie Wilder and Lynn Wallis (who were co-artistic directors) and, of course, Karen Kain. The ballet has also seen five male artistic directors.


Andrea Vagianos Wins Dora Ancillary Award for Outstanding Leadership in Administration

Vagianos’s award highlights the work of a senior arts administrator with more than 10 years of experience. The award also points to the critical work of operational managers and directors that kept their organizations afloat during the pandemic.


By Grace Wells-Smith


Writing With a Sharp Pencil

On top of fraught politics, dance critics have to figure out how to fit into the fold during -- and after -- the pandemic By Grace Wells-Smith

As a part of our series Dance Criticism: Perceptions, challenges and the future, Grace Wells-Smith speaks to four Canadian dance critics about how dance criticism fits into the current fold.


By Grace Wells-Smith

Writing With A Sharp Pencil

On top of fraught politics, dance critics have to figure out how to fit into the fold during – and after – the pandemic By Grace Wells-Smith


Nerves And Thrills: A Q & A with Crystal Pite

Pite’s work Body and Soul will stream next week, just for audiences in Canada By Grace Wells-Smith

The Dance Current speaks with Pite about Body and Soul, watching dance meant for the stage on a screen and the “slight sense of terror” that comes with choreographing. Body and Soul will stream for Canadians from Feb. 17 through 23.


By Grace Wells-Smith

Désir / Photo by Kevin Calixte

Rhodnie Désir Becomes the First Black Person to Win Top Prize at Les Prix de la Danse de Montréal

On Nov. 9, the Prix de la Danse de Montréal announced this year’s nine winners. The top winner is choreographer Rhodnie Désir who was awarded the $25,000 Grand Prix. She is now the first Black person to win this award.

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