Giulia Tripoli

Giulia Tripoli


Giulia Tripoli has been dancing, choreographing and creating on local, national and international stages since 2008. Building a career based on respect for the discipline and passion for the art, dance has been her vehicle for change both in herself and in those she is fortunate enough to teach. Her unique style has become a trademark for the growth and innovation that can exist in the dance industry.  She is the founder of both Tripoli Studios Inc. and its agency of professional dancers. She has developed a reputation in the industry for precision, professionalism and polish. Her studio has become a Montreal staple for any dancer looking to train in an open and accepting environment. Giulia continues to use her voice to advocate for artists in order to create great change within the community.

Giulia Tripoli's Work

On the Ground

The Winding Staircase to a Safer Place

By Giulia Tripoli

Tripoli looks at the dance industry from three perspectives: the student, the teacher and the studio director. She surveyed 100 artists (through Instagram) about what a safe space means to them within one of those three perspectives.


The Winding Staircase to a Safer Place By Giulia Tripoli

Learning to make a studio safer is like learning new choreography: one step at a time.